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What Happened Last Night? Release #2

Lots of people are looking for advice on their ridiculous stories from last night (or whenever!) Check out this release of What Happend Last Night by clicking through the following pages! 

Also, don’t forget to submit your stories from this weekend HERE


“I hooked up with a boy on Fall Ball and he left before I woke up. I only remembered because I found my bra later that morning in my bed. Should I text him?”

Everyone knows that Fall Ball is basically synonymous with random hookups. The fact that you took what was probably a dance-floor make out back to your room was a bold move. At least you remembered—hopefully enough to recall if you used protection. If not, run to the Davis Square planned parenthood immediately. And forget about texting him, we think you should just sweep this one under the rug…it seems like you want to forget this night as soon as possible.

Congrats for getting some so early in the year! XOXOBK and JT


“So like the other night I went out to a house, and me and my like best friend we will call her Jane were like really really drunk. And I was like the drunkest I’ve ever been. I had like 5 shots but after like the 7th I just didn’t remember anything. Anyways, I was making out with this guy, we will call him Sam, and then I threw up a lil…on his privates. I was so embarrassed.”

First of all, ew. This guy Sam is a saint if he can ever look at you again, no offense. Also, maybe if you didn’t ditch your bestie Jane (not the best idea to leave a drunk friend roaming aimlessly around a house) you wouldn’t be in this predicament. XOXOBK and JT
P.S. Those *now changed* names sound strikingly familiar…


“The entire night at one of the fraternities I was standing alone in the corner and no guys talked to me? I blacked out by myself and woke up alone in the basement…please help”

No guys talked to you, because by standing in the corner alone, you’re giving off an insecure vibe and look like an outsider. No one wants to hang out with the wet blanket…or someone who’s clearly been drinking too much. Next time, to get a guy’s attention, make yourself seem wanted by having fun and dancing. Put yourself out there, the worst thing that can happen is you’ll be rejected, but even that seems more ideal than waking up alone in a smelly basement. XOXOBK and JT


“Brick killed a guy”

Wait…is “Brick” the person who killed the guy? Or, did you throw a brick who killed a guy? Please clarify. XOXOBK and JT

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