Tufts Take Back the Night

On Tuesday, November 13th a group of Tufts students walked through campus in the dark with glow sticks in hand, trying to light the night to support sexual assault survivors on campus and beyond.


1 in 3 women worldwide and 1 in 6 men experience some type of sexual violence. Less than half of the victims report these crimes.


Take Back the Night events began in the 1960’s as an organized stand against sexual violence. The protests spread quickly across Europe and America. In 2001, the Take Back the Night foundation was created to spread the message to more communities in hopes of eradicating sexual assault, domestic violence, and all other forms of sexual violence. Take Back the Night events have taken place in over 36 communities and in over 800 communities, reaching over 30 million people with their message.

Tufts, like many college campuses, has seen a worrisome increase in sexual violence. This past year, there were 208 reported cases of sexual misconduct impacting Tufts students, up from 109 reported case three years ago. The Take Back the Night event, led by Tufts Panhellenic Council, sheds light on the problem of sexual violence on campus and the resources available to help anyone affected by this epidemic.