Thrifting: Davis Square Style

Looking for something fun to do with you friends on a Saturday afternoon? Trying to find a cute outfit for next weekend without spending a lot of money? Davis Square has three great thrift stores where any collegiette is sure to find something fabulous.

Not only is thrifting fun and trendy, but it’s also great for our environment. By purchasing clothes that were once owned by someone else and reusing them, we are helping reduce the production of textiles. An estimated 5.3% of total U.S municipal solid waste was made up of textiles in 2010, and that number is only growing! Not only can you help reduce this waste on your own by deciding to shop at these unique stores, but all of the shops also have their own missions, which benefit the community and the nation as a whole. So, collegiette, next time you need to take a shopping trip, consider these three great shops in Davis Square:


1. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a thrift store featuring mostly hip and casual clothing. They buy, trade, and sell their clothes locally at cheap prices, definitely allowing you to get a bang for your buck. Bring in any item of clothing in good condition and they will gladly take a look at it to buy or trade in an instant. Their mission is to encourage people in their communities to reuse and recycle clothing instead of putting it in the trash. Visit this shop if you’re looking for designer jeans at a low price or to purchase comfy new sweaters for class.

2. Found

Found is an upscale consignment store that features brands from Burberry to Prada to Seven Jeans and much more. The shop is great for long-time thrifters or new collegiette shoppers. Their selection ranges from very high-end to amazing and well-priced dresses that would be appropriate for any college formal. Found helps people selling their clothes with a split of 60/40, meaning the store keeps 60% of the profit and the original owner gets back the other 40%. Definitely a great place to buy your next glamorous outfit.

3. Goodwill

Looking for something a little more adventurous? Goodwill is the place to go. With a large store and a wide selection, there are tons of clothes to hunt through to find your perfect new outfit. Goodwill is a nationally-run company whose mission is to give people opportunities and jobs that allow them to reach their fullest potential! By shopping at Goodwill, you’re helping to fund job training programs, employment placement services, and tons of other great community based programs!

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Photos courtesy of Kate Marienthal.

Edited by: Lauren Medwid