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Three Tips to Win Over Your Interviewer

Three Tips to Win Over Your Interviewer


It’s about that time of year that you need to start finding things to do over the summer… If you’re like me, the interview is a stressful part of the process when applying to internships. Well collegiettes, have no fear, I have put together some tips so that, if nothing else, you look cute and professional for your interview.


1. Figure out the company’s dress code.

Some companies are casual, casual chic, smart casual, business casual, business professional, or, if you’re applying to a fashion internship, fashionable. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and your recruiter will give you some information in the pre-interview email but this does NOT always happen. To gain a good grasp of the dress code, check out the website and see if you can find any clues there. If not try to consider the industry the company is part of, technology companies TEND to be more casual, law firms TEND to be very formal. Usually, going a step more formal than the company is better than a step below.


2. Remember your audience.

The goal of the interview is to have a discussion and get to know one other face-to-face. Gaudy jewelry, complex patterns, extremely tight clothing, low cut blouses, and short skirts can distract your interviewer and take away from the attention they should be paying to your face and what you’re saying.


Wear jewelry that accents your outfit but isn’t a focal piece. Statement pieces may be too much for interviews (save those for your dinner date!)


Wear clothes that fit (not too baggy or frumpy) but that don’t hug you too tightly (they’re uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time anyways ladies), this will give you the most appropriate look for an interview. It is best not to wear complex patterns- they can be extremely distracting to your interviewer, instead keep the patterns simple and minimum. Low-cut blouses and short skirts should be what you wear out on a GNO, not what you wear to work. Remember, there are two different types of getting down to business to dress for ;). In terms of whether you should wear a pantsuit, dark jeans and a nice blouse, or t-shirt and jeans depends on the dress code of the company that you hope to work for.


For those of you who are like LOVE high heels- like me, this is your chance to pull them out of your closet! But remember, if you can’t walk to the conference room- there may be some concern from your interviewer as to your abilities with other basic skills… If heels aren’t for you, ballet flats will also provide a great look for a perfect interview outfit.



3. HAVE FUN, but not too much fun.

You should feel good in your interview clothes, confident to say the least! Embrace this and use it to your advantage. BUT, don’t let your clothing become a distraction to you. If you are going to be uncomfortable in the outfit you chose or if you are constantly picking at it, the clothing is doing a disservice to you and your interview. Pick clothes that make you feel good without you needing to constantly think about them!


Hope these helps you feel a little better going in for your interview. Looking great means feeling great and that will help you to excel in your interview. Remember to breathe, you’ll do great!


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