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Study Locations Every Tufts Collegiette Should Know About

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.


Your hallmate is blasting music so loudly your walls are shaking, your roommate is mumbling to herself as she writes an essay, and your head is aching from reading the same sentence over and over again. No matter how much you try, it seems like it’s going to be impossible to get any real work done in this environment! Lucky for you, Her Campus has put together a list of the best places to study on the Tufts Campus.

Want to stay on campus? Head over to …

Lilly Music Library: Located on the lower level of Granoff Music Center, Tufts’ Lilly Music Library is a beautiful, peaceful place to study. As soon as you walk through the doors of Granoff your ears will be met with the tranquil sounds of music being rehearsed throughout the building.


Ginn Library: Located midway up-hill, just between the tennis courts and Olin, Ginn is like Tisch 2.0. Quieter and less crowded than Tisch, Ginn is a great study spot for those who really want to buckle down and not be distracted. Plus, as it is associated with one of Tufts’ graduate schools (The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy), Ginn’s academic resources are slightly more refined than those at Tisch (as is its slightly older eye candy).


Tufts’ Hillel: Despite its religious affiliation – Hillel is the national Foundation for Jewish Campus Life – Tufts’ Hillel is a resource for all students, regardless of religious background. The center is open until 11 p.m. Sunday-Friday, and the area just down the stairs from the main lobby is a great spot for those who need a lot of table room. The best part about this study spot is that the nearby fridge is generally pretty well stocked, so you won’t have to worry if you forgot to bring a study snack!


Mayer Campus Center: While many us visit the campus center most frequently to grab a quick snack, stop by the ATM, or attend a club meeting, the three-story building is underappreciated as a study spot. The bottom floor is for the social studiers – it is casual, stocked with food options, and doesn’t have the high-strung feeling of Tisch. The equally relaxed second floor offers The Rez to do work (tip: get their Mind Body & Soul coffee roast with a shot of peppermint syrup!), and the lounge to relax (quick TV break or ping-pong, game anyone?). The third floor of the campus center is perfect for those who like a quieter, more private study atmosphere.  Its group study areas are comfortable and convenient for those who do not mind the whispering of others, but the true treasure of the third tier is the study rooms – ideal for group projects and study sessions, these private rooms can be reserved by any student who goes to the Meyer Info. Booth and inquires.


Carm/Dewick: The dining halls are a great place to be social, not feel overwhelmed by stress, and spend as much time as you need to work on whatever assignment you have before you. Plus, studying takes energy, and no one can think on an empty stomach! Carm is the quieter dining hall, while Dewick has more electrical outlets and – lets be serious – better food. The choice is yours.


Dorm Lounge: Too cold to leave your building? Take advantage of your dorm’s communal spaces! Most dorms have corner areas on each floor with couches, chairs, and tables, but every dorm is unique. South, for instance, has lovely study rooms by its front entrance, and Carm. has a huge downstairs lounge, with a nearby kitchen and vending machine room. So try staying in to study! You’re not too lazy to go to Tisch, you’re just too curious to leave your unexplored dorm.


Feel like you can brave the New England winter weather? Venture off-campus to …

Danish Pasty House: A mere five-minute walk from campus, this adorable little café on the corner of Boston Ave. and Winthrop St. is a required destination during exam season. The Pastry House has great food and free Wi-Fi… oh, and fee coffee refills? Unlimited. Can you say “caffeine”?


iYO Café: Located just by the Starbucks in Davis Square, this recently opened café is perfect for the energy-craving college do-it-yourself-er. What could be a better combination than self-serve frozen yogurt, a self-serve espresso bar, and free Wi-Fi? (I can’t think of one!) Plus, if you venture into the back room of the café, you will find a great group study area, complete with a chalkboard and all!


Diesel Café: Located on Elm St. in the heart of Davis Square, Diesel offers incredibly delicious hot drinks, within a relaxed atmosphere. If you show up during the mid-morning of afternoon rush, you will probably find yourself surrounded by quite a few people, but this local spot is usually filled with quiet, relaxed conversations. (Plus, there’s super comfy seating if you can snag a booth).

Alex Horvitz is a junior at Tufts University in Boston, MA. She is double-majoring in Economics and Psychology and minoring in Communications and Media Studies. With a passion for beauty blogging, Alex is a contributing beauty blogger for Her Campus. Alex is a Co-President of Her Campus Tufts and she also worked as a Sales & Marketing Associate for Her Campus during the Summer of 2012. Email AlexHorvitz@hercampus.com with questions or connect with her on Twitter @Alex_Horvitz or LinkedIn!