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S-Factor President Airian Williams

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Name: Airian Williams

Year: 2016

Hometown: Beach Park, IL

Major: Sociology

What are you involved with on Tufts Campus?

I am currently the president of S-Factor, an all male vocal group specializing in music of the African Diaspora. I also work with the Africana center on special projects and help anyone willing to ask whenever I can!

Why did you join S-Factor?

I grew up singing and listening to soulful music so it means a lot to me! Whether it’s paying tribute to the African Diaspora’s vibrant history of resistance and triumph or just helping me get through my day with jams that fit my mood, this music is a part of me. When I saw S-Factor perform freshman year I knew it was something I wanted to do. 

What’s your favorite song to perform?

Freedom’s Voices, it’s one of our standards.

And what’s your favorite part about being in S-Factor?

I enjoy singing the music that I love but, even more so, I love the group of guys that I’ve come to call brothers over my time here. Some of the most humble, loving, and genuine people I’ve ever met. 

What’s the most challenging part?

It’s a ton of work putting a show together with 14 guys who all do so much on campus but we make it work! If you’re wondering about our concert date, it’s going to be on Saturday, December 12th at 8 pm. We would love to see you there!    

Where can we find you guys on campus?

We’re all over the place! We’ll be performing on the Campus Center Patio this Saturday at 3:45 for Parent’s Weekend. If you just want to get to know us, feel free to say whatsup if you see any of us around campus! We don’t bite :)

Single/Taken/it’s complicated?


Dewick or Carm?


Guilty pleasure?

I get lost in vine and insta for hours at a time. I also do the word jumble in the daily religiously.

Favorite song?

I’m not good with favorites but I’ve been jamming to Jazmine Sullivan’s Going in Circles non stop.

If you were a drink, what would you be?

Wild Strawberry Smoothie No Booster from Hotung ;)

What’s your dream job?

I want to open my own non-profit that supplements the education of black youth through mentorship and curriculum that validates their realities.

Favorite spot on Tufts campus?

You can always find me shooting pool in the CC. If you’re trying to get worked let me know.

Favorite Hobbies?

Games are my life. Whether it’s a board game, pickup basketball, or riddles I’m all about it. 


If you can’t wait for the concert, make sure you check out Airian and the rest of S-Factor on their website or look for their album Fade to Black on iTunes!