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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Name: Rob Costa

Hometown: Wellesley MA

Class year: 2015

Major: History

Relationship status: Single

Zodiac sign: Leo


Spirit animal:

German Shepard. I’m a huge dog fan, and I had a German Shepard when I was little. They’re really well disciplined but also fun loving.


Tufts affiliations:

I play football, I’m a brother at DU, and I do army ROTC.


Best thing about Tufts:

DU. I love it.


Pet peeve:

Probably someone with bad manners.


Favorite song/band:

I love country music; it’s definitely my favorite. Favorite band is tough, probably Luke Bryan or Eric Church.


Favorite holiday and why:

Christmas, because of all the food, friends and family around. And the presents, you can’t pass that up.


Proudest accomplishment:

Probably getting an army ROTC scholarship to go here.


Guilty pleasure:

Probably my movie choice—romantic comedies and stuff like that. [My favorite is] probably How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.


Ideal date:

Nothing too crazy, probably just a nice dinner at a kind of quiet restaurant.


Describe your ideal girl:

Someone who’s funny, who doesn’t really take themselves too seriously, and someone who just wants to have fun.


Turn ons and turn offs:

Let’s start with turn offs. Probably someone who I can’t really trust, and someone who is kind of nagging. For turn ons, I guess being spontaneous and adventurous.


Tell me something that only a few people know about you:

A hidden talent would definitely be my dance moves. Not a lot of people have seen them, but they’re there.


Why did you rush?

Obviously there’s the football thing. A huge portion of my team is on it, and it added another social aspect to Tufts. I’ve gotten a lot closer with some of the guys.


How do you like living in a frat house?

I like it for the most part. Sometimes it can be a little much when you have 20 guys running around and you have stuff to do. It’s a lot of distractions but it definitely evens out because it’s also a lot of fun.


Why did you join ROTC? Do you like it?

I’ve always kind of wanted to be in the army, and I’ve always wanted to serve my country. My dad was in the army for 31 years too, so it kind of runs in the family. I love it. It’s best decision I’ve ever made.

Danyelle McInnis is a graduating senior at Tufts University, majoring in English.  She's interested in short story-writing, journalism, marketing, photography, creating websites, baking, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  She's left-handed and always has a secret stash of candy on hand in case the world suddenly runs out of sugar.  In her spare time, she writes about her ongoing transformation from pack rat to minimalist on her blog, Greyer Than Gray.