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Profile: Katie Vogel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.


  1. Hometown: London, UK
  2. Year: Sophomore
  3. Major/Minor:Community Health major, ELS minor
  4. What are you involved in on campus? European Students’ Association, Club Lacrosse, Women Entrepreneurs at Tufts
  5. What made you want to come to study at Tufts in the United States of America? I just have to laugh at you saying “in the United States of America.” Anyways, so many people have asked me this question! And I don’t have a great answer, but my elder siblings came to university in the U.S. first. So, it was always in the cards for me to follow in their footsteps, even though we have no family here. I wanted to come to Tufts because I didn’t know what I wanted to do and in the UK you have to choose what specific course you want to do. Basically, you declare a major before you even apply. Not to mention, I LOVE Boston. For me, it was important to be near Boston. I always have been a city girl. I’m from a European city, very accessible from London. However, I also wanted to have more of a campus feel for my U.S. college experience, and Tufts was a good combination of that. I was expecting a classic college experience from Tufts.
  6. Biggest Pet Peeve? When people leave the tap running when brushing their teeth. It’s SO unnecessary to do.
  7. Where is your favorite place to work on campus? I like working in different places, but normally you will find me in either CC, or Ginn. I hate Tisch.
  8. Single/Taken/It’s complicated? Single
  9. What is your favorite hobby? I love food (check out my food blog which has recently died, but will come back to life) and, therefore, I love eating! I love traveling and exploring new places, horse-back riding (in particular fox hunting when I go home) and skiing. Okay, so, I guess I don’t really have one favourite hobby.
  10. Favorite late night food? Go. I have to say a classic pepperoni pizza. Typical, I know. But it is all I really want if I am eating food at 2 a.m..
Ellexa is a features writer at Her Campus. As a senior Tufts University, Ellexa studies economics and fim & media studies. She plays varsity field hockey at Tufts, has her own weekly webcasted show called Bo Zone, plays club lacrosse at Tufts, and writes for Tufts' chapter of Her Campus. In her free time, she loves to hang out with friends, watch Suits, online shop, and drink lots of iced chai tea lattes. After graduation, Ellexa hopes to work in the broadcast journalism industry.