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Profile: Jack Telman

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Year: 2021

Intended Major: I’m a German major.

Are you fluent in German?

 Yes, I’m a fluent German speaker. I went abroad for two months my senior winter.

Where are you from? 

Cape Cod, MA

Fun fact?

 My life in the summer is very different. I like to fish and hike. My summer job is on a fishing boat, which is kind of my claim to fame. I also live on the beach, but I’m not crazy about going there because I don’t tan.

What do you do on campus?

 Sleep. I row. When I’m not rowing, I’m working out. I’m in the Tufts Ornithological Society.

What’s your favorite aspect of Tufts? I like the D3 lifestyle because you can have a social life even if you’re on a sports team.

Favorite pre-race snack?

 RX Bars.

Favorite band/artist? 

Jon Langston

Favorite ice cream flavor?

 Cookie dough.

Favorite place on campus?

Erg Hallway

Favorite movie?

 Gran Torino

*Per request of the interviewee* Tinder or Bumble?


Favorite color to wear?

 Green. It brings out my eyes.

Favorite restaurant in Davis Square?

Oath Pizza.

Biggest pet peeve?

When people jump to conclusions.

Celebrity crush?

Scarlet Johannson.

What 3 words describe you?

Strong-willed. Reasonable. Open-minded.

What do you like most about being on the crew team?

I like that there’s no expectation to be at everything we do together. There’s the freedom to find social groups outside of crew, but you’re always welcomed back.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Anything on UberEats.