Profile: Annalisa DeBari


Name: Annalisa DeBari 

Year: Senior 

Major: Mechanical Engineer 


Tell me a little bit about yourself!

AD: I'm from Melrose, Mass about 20 minutes north of Tufts. I see my family pretty frequently and they are very important to me. I have a little sister who is 15 and adorable. And I love my cat Figaro. I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering. 

What about a fun fact?

AD: I used to do gymnastics with Aly Raisman at Brestyan's.

Favorite place on campus?

AD: Prez lawn because I love laying down on the lawn and seeing Boston.

Favorite Restaurant in Davis Square? 

AD: Tenoch. 

What do you do on Campus? 

AD: I'm on the Women's Track and Field Team and do sprints/hurdles. I do research in Dr. Iryna Zenyuk's lab on lithium ion batteries and fuel cell manufacturing methods. I used to be an RA my sophomore and junior year, but now I live off-campus.

Tell me about being a female engineer!

AD: At first it was difficult for me being a female engineering student. I wasn't very confident in my abilities because it seemed like everyone else was smarter than me. My freshman year I was intimidated by my male professors and often wouldn't ask for help or go to office hours since the intro classes were so large. I don't really know what made me change, but I realized that I needed to make the most of my classes here. So sophomore spring was the first semester where I sat in the front row, started asking questions, and started doing well (Sit in the front row!!! Seriously it minimizes distractions and helps you engage and remember way more!!!). Now I always try to take classes offered by female professors in engineering, and so far all of my experiences with them have been awesome. The women in engineering here are approachable, extremely successful and smart, and great teachers. By now I feel way more confident in myself and get annoyed when people underestimate me or say something condescending.

Tell me about your track career. How do you motivate yourself to perform? How do you stay motivated day to day? How does it feel beating the school record? 

AD: My track career hasn't really been a straight path. I had some success freshman year in the triple jump and hurdles, but sophomore year school kind of took over. I couldn't make it to practice and keep up with the workouts, so I lost a lot of muscle and my performances really went down hill. The summer between sophomore and junior year I worked hard, and I qualified for nationals at the last chance meet during the indoor season my junior year. I didn't expect to qualify, but my teammates and coaches motivated me to keep trying to do my best at all the indoor meets. DIV 3 NEs was the first time I had a big PR, and my training and taking care of my body all added up for the last chance meet. This year has been a little different because I knew what I could do. My motivation mostly comes from doing well, so the better I do the more motivated I am to keep working hard. It felt amazing to beat the record but I know I have to stay focused and keep trying to improve!

What are your goals for your last season? What are your goals after college?

AD: My goals are to have another PR and stay healthy. After college I'll be working at an Aerospace company and maybe grad school in the future. I hope to keep working out and maybe finding a group that loves track and keeps doing it after college. I'm going to need friends to work out with!

What will you miss most about Tufts?  

AD: I will 100% miss the team the most. Track takes up so much of our lives but I wouldn't have it any other way. The friendships I've made are going to last a lifetime. I'm so grateful that I get to compete for Tufts and be a part of this track team community.