A Place for Accountability in Trump's America

In the context of gun rights, Donald Trump has always presented himself as a staunch supporter of the Constitution. The President and his followers vividly protested the restriction of this right and called upon American history in order to justify their objections.

However, on October 31st, Donald Trump vowed to bring an end to birthright citizenship, a fundamental right enshrined in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. Although lawyers and GOP politicians have already undermined his promise, Donald Trump’s assertion continues to worry the public.

The President believes that he has the power to repeal a Constitutional amendment with an executive order, bypassing Congress altogether. This fictional assertion seems to fit into a larger trend within the current presidency: a firm belief that as President, Donald Trump is above the law. The White House is convinced that Trump cannot be indicted and hopes of impeachment seem to be fading. Even in the light of a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, the President does not seem to be fazed by the prospect of an investigation.

During the last two years, the principle of accountability has suffered a serious blow. The Trump era has undermined the existing structure of checks and balances and has began an aggressive attack against all sources of opposition.

In the current political landscape and with the ongoing attack on “fake news media,” the public is obligated to serve as a source of scrutiny and accountability. We must not accept Trump’s lies and hypocrisy as a given. We are obligated to remind him of his unfulfilled promises and butchered facts.