Old Town Road Tops the Charts (Again)

After Lil Nas X’s hit song Old Town Road was disqualified from Billboard Hot Country chart, the young Atlanta Hip Hop artist came back with a new version of the song that includes country musician Billy Ray Cyrus as a vocalist.

Once again, this strange but catchy song topped many charts. The combination of a banjo, a hip hop track and classic country lyrics leaves listeners confused and intrigued by this one of a kind song.

I’ll admit, as an avid hater of country music, I was immediately turned off by the thought of this song. And yet, after listening to this song several times, I noticed the catchy beat and realized that this strange combination of genres might actually work.

Clearly, I am not alone in my views, as the song continues to top the charts on Spotify and move up on the Billboard top 100. The question now: will the song be allowed back on the Billboard Hot Country chart now that Billy Ray Cyrus has joined in on this hit song?