Mr. Jumbo? It’s Miss Jumbo. Meet Bianca Velayo, the new Miss Jumbo

This past Friday at the Mr. Jumbo pageant, Tufts history was made. For the first time a female took the crown and the coveted title of Mr. Jumbo. Senior Bianca Velayo sat down with Her Campus to talk about breaking down the wall and beating the boys. 

Where are you from?
I’m from Levittown (on Long Island), NY
What’s your major?
I am a biopsychology major.
Had you been to previous Mr. Jumbo pageant?
No, they actually asked me that in my interview and I hoped they wouldn’t count that against me.
You were the first female Jumbo winner, right?
I believe so, yeah. It was sort of weird because they called it Mr. Jumbo, but there were both male and female contestants competing. I just decided to roll with it.

[Editor's Note: Since conducting this interview, Bianca has brought to our attention that there has been a Miss Jumbo in the past. We apologize for the mistake, but it's still pretty great another female won, right?]
Do you think that says anything about changes on campus?
I’m glad to be the first female winner! Regardless of the genders of the competitors, I still think I’d win because I had so much fun with it and I took the talent portion seriously. It’s great that we have a school-wide spirit pageant. Hopefully more females will get involved, and the Spirit Coalition can consider changing the name, which might be what deterred girls from participating in the first place.
What made you decide to be a part of the contest?
I was actually nominated by my friend who thought I’d be entertaining. I was a dancer when I was younger and I missed being on stage so I went for it. I was also excited to participate because my best friend Eugene [Kim], we’re both Crew captains/study buddies, was nominated so we decided to do it together.
Did you know any of the other contestants other than Eugene?
Just Eugene. But getting to know everyone at the rehearsals before the pageant was really great.We all added each other on Facebook after the pageant to solidify our friendships. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve done all year.