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Lyft Vs. UberX

Ever wonder what the real differences are between UberX and Lyft? Here is an honest comparison from someone who takes both car services on the reg!



Tufts University à Boston (Newbury) (approx.)

UberX: $12

Lyft: $14


Tufts University à Boston/Logan Airport (approx.)

UberX: $22

Lyft: $19


As you can see from these prices, the difference between taking an UberX and a Lyft is quite small. It all really depends on how much traffic there is, if you are riding during a prime time, and what time of day it is. 


Both companies are cashless, which means you don’t have to worry about tipping or paying with cash! The amount is automatically charged onto your card or PayPal.


The Drivers

In reality, a lot of the UberX and Lyft drivers I have met are actually drivers for both companies! Even so, I really do think that there is a difference in feeling when you get into an UberX versus a Lyft.


Uber really markets itself to have the “personal driver” feel and I definitely feel as if I’m being chauffeured when I get into the car. All of my drivers have been quite pleasant and even let me pick the radio station! That being said, the drivers are usually not too friendly and most likely will not engage in a conversation about the date you just came from.


Unlike UberX, Lyft drivers are very friendly and will talk your ears off! All the drivers usually try to spark conversation and they are all quite nice to talk to. Some have even offered me mints, candies and water!


Favorite Aspect:

Something I really like about UberX is the app setting that allows you to send anyone your estimated time of arrival. My mom loves this because she can know and track when I get back to the dorms safely from the airport or a night out in Boston.


I love how Lyft markets itself. When you ride a Lyft you really do feel like you are getting a ride from a friend. Also, at the end of your ride, you can choose how much you want to pay, whether is it is the suggested amount or a little more!


I really suggest that you try both services so you can get a feeling for both companies! If you have never used them before, get a free ride with the promo codes below. ** These promo codes can be used anywhere where a Lyft or an Uber is available.


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photo credit: http://digilib.bu.edu/blogs/mugarlib/2014/10/04/uber-vs-lyft/

Tori Lin is from Seattle, WA and is pursuing International Finance and Entrepreneurship at Tufts University! She is passionate about fashion, health, beauty, and food.  She is currently a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and a brand Ambassador for Neurobrands (drinkneuro) and Lyft. Check out her webpage, blog DinWithTlin and connect with her through Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! 
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