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LUX Model: Chris McCain ’15


Name: Chris McCain


Nickname(s): No, but I want one!


Hometown: Hopkinton, MA


Major: Clinical Psychology and Spanish


Year: 2015


How did you decide that you wanted to participate in the upcoming Lux fashion show? What has been your favorite part about the experience? Are you nervous for the show? I decided to get involved for a combination of reasons, mostly because the cause – helping orphan babies get life-changing surgeries – is a beautiful one, and also because I was excited to brush up on my smizing. I have no experience whatsoever and I used to be somewhat camera shy, so this definitely a new experience for me. My favorite part has been meeting the wonderful people involved, and I am so nervous the big day, specifically, falling spectacularly during the show, but so far, so good!


Are you involved in any other on-campus activities? Off-campus activities?

I am part of Tufts Burlesque Troupe, which has made my life all kinds of wonderful. Also, I walk dogs on Fridays, and it is one of the best parts of my week.


Do you have any siblings? I have a younger sister, Courtney, who is 18, and is a force of nature. I also have a dog named Hamilton, who is 8 pounds of sexy.


What are your three favorite things about Tufts? My three favorite things about Tufts are the people (because everyone has a bit of weird/awesomeness tucked away in their personality), the weather (because I legitimately love winter), and the vast array of things to get involved in.


Are you single, taken, waiting till marriage … what’s your deal? Single.


Favorite Movie: The Lion King, because every day I aspire to be more like Rafiki.


Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series, because we grew up together.


Favorite Song: “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey, because of the octave shift.


What do you like/look for in a lover? Definitely playfulness and cuddle skills.


Carm or Dewick, and why? It comes down to Dewick’s General Gao’s vs. Carm’s Caesar Salad Night, and Dewick takes it. Plus, it’s closer to where I live.


Who is your favorite superhero? Jean Grey, because telekinesis is the BEST superpower.


Mila Kunis or Blake Lively? Mila Kunis of course! Have you seen her adorable interview with that nervous guy?


What was your most embarrassing moment? On the day I took the SATs, the parking lot of the school I was going to had this hill covered in decorative gravel. I thought I was in reverse, was in drive, and shot partially up the hill when I tried to park. There was a screeching noise, rocks were spraying out everywhere, and this massive dust cloud that smelled like fire covered the parking lot and went through the windows. I bent the license plate and dinged up the front of the car pretty bad and, because I tend to arrive late to things, everyone was already there to see me do it. But the silver lining is that I think that the adrenaline rush helped me focus during the test!


What are you looking forward to during second semester? Just continuing the awesome ride that is Tufts and, of course, Lux!

 Jessica Lee is a senior at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Before transferring to Tufts in the fall of 2011, she spent a semester abroad in Paris, and studied at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA, for two years. Jessica is majoring in English and minoring in Communications & Media Studies, with an eye towards working in PR or Marketing. Never one to shy away from taboo topics or keep her opinion to herself, Jessica enjoys coming up with topics for her weekly “He Said vs. She Said” column.
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