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Love Guru on Valentine’s Day Fantasies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Hey collegiettes, I’m back, and I’m just in time to cover one of my favorite holidays of the year: Valentines Day! Every year, February 14th comes and goes and leaves us all feeling loved and a little guilty (thanks in advance, Valentine’s Day candy). Yet one thing that sometimes gets forgotten is the fantasy behind it all! In honor of this beloved holiday, I went around Tufts asking your fellow jumbos about their Valentine’s Day fantasies. Here’s what they had to say!


Let’s start with the freshmen…


Freshman guy: I want Scarlett Johansson in a tight red dress, a nice steak dinner at Capitol Grille, and a hotel reservation at the Kapua Suite from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


I mean, you can never go wrong with ScarJo, and she has proved in past years that she looks very nice in red! If only she wasn’t a mother and married to her baby daddy, I would really support you on this.


Freshman girl: I would like to share the night with Liam Hemsworth in a Jacuzzi filled with rose petals.


That sounds very 50 Shades of Grey! I don’t know if rose petals would be that fun when a Jacuzzi can easily be used for a nice bubble bath, but to each their own!


And the sophomores…


Sophomore guy: I have that cougar fantasy. Ask your mom if she’s down?


My mom is married, has four kids, and is happily in love. Sorry, but I’m just going to have to say no to this one.


Sophomore girl: Honestly, I think the best Valentines days are the ones spent with a person you truly care about while doing something fun and relaxing. I would love to go hiking with my significant other.


Hikes can be really special for bonding on V-day! I went hiking in Aspen this summer and had lots of fun with my family. It’s definitely an experience to cherish, and it shows that you don’t need anything but each other to have a good time! Too bad it’s the middle of blizzard season…


Here’s what the juniors had to say…


Junior guy: I just want to have fun with a chill, athletic girl. Someone who is down-to-earth and likes the sports I like would be ideal to spend Valentine’s Day with.


It sounds to me like you want to mold a girl to your own tastes. That can be a little dangerous at times, and let’s be honest; if you agree on everything then things can get a little boring. It sounds to me like you need to think things over…


Junior girl: I want to go to a fun concert and then go to a nice, intimate dinner with a guy who is willing to enjoy that. I feel like most college guys don’t, though. Find me one?


Oh sweetie, I’ve been looking for one of those for way too long, and the only ones I’ve met have been 23, in grad school, and still as immature as the others. Don’t give up though! They say that the right guy may be right around the corner!


And finally our seniors…


Senior guy: I mean, I wouldn’t mind going to the beach with Kate Upton. She’s a real 10!


Of course, you wouldn’t! And, I wouldn’t mind going to the beach with Ben Affleck, but it’s probably not going to happen! How about you choose something a little more realistic? It’s definitely not warm enough for the beach right now, and I’m sure there’s a beautiful girl out there who’s not already part of so many other guys’ fantasies.


Senior girl: Valentines Day is great when you’re in a relationship, but I’m not. I just want to eat chocolate covered strawberries with girlfriends, enjoy some champagne rosé, and watch chick flicks.


I feel you, girl! Sometimes, the single life can be hard, especially during V-day, but if you can find a way to cherish being single then it shouldn’t be something to worry about! In college, most people are single, so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding friends to share the day with!


There you have it, collegiettes! Some people want intimacy, others want to spend time with their significant other, and some just want to enjoy their friends and have a fun night with candy and yummy food. Personally, my fantasy for Valentine’s Day is to spend it with someone I truly care about  (or even just girl friends) at a ski chalet eating fondue, drinking some wine, and most importantly, hitting the slopes. I think the recent blizzard weather is definitely getting to me! No fantasy is right and no fantasy is wrong; they’re just unique to each person and give us something to look forward to. Who knows? Yours might even come true! Happy Valentine’s Day, collegiettes!


Your Tufts Love Guru


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photo sources: rec.fpcnashville.org and wisegreek.com

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