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Hi there, Tufts Love Guru here! I’m so excited to go out in campus and find out the Jumbo opinions on dating, DFM’s (dance floor make-outs, uh-oh), Tits Out for The Boys, straight girl on straight girl action, friends with benefits, one-night stands, hooking-up with friends’ exes, and many more lust-worthy things.




We’ve all been on the dance floor when all of a sudden; the people around us go from harmless dancing to passionate and many times MESSY (you know what I mean) dance floor make-outs. Although DFM’s are not my thing, they happen and it’s part of life. Truth be told, I’m guilty and so are countless other collegiate. Here’s what your fellow Tuft’s students had to say about DFM’s.


Let’s start with the new kids on campus…


Freshman guy: Ehh Dance Floor Make-outs? They Happen. They’re fun. I’m not proud…just kidding, a little proud.


Atta boy, at least he was honest.


Freshman girl: Dance floor make-outs are part of the good life. Go for the Gold. God’s a DJ. Life’s a dance floor. Life’s a party.


Alright, I see ya…interesting take on Pink’s lyrics.


As for the sophomores…


Sophomore guy: I’ve done that before…


Sophomore girl: Lighting is key. You do you!


They come with advice from experience. Well at least, she did.


Where are our juniors at?


Junior guy: They’re the reason I go to school…a way of life.


Interesting. I’m sorry that Tufts doesn’t have a major in it. Maybe, by next year they’ll get it right.


Junior girl: By the time you’re a junior or senior, get a room. As a freshman or sophomore, go for it. The times are young.


Hmm…double standards. I like it!


…And from those with the “most experience”…


Senior guy: I’m all for it. Every senior boy’s dream is a freshman girl who’s down.


Gotya, I don’t know if that’s every freshman girl’s dream. But hey, you do you.


Senior girl: It’s a freshman thing. It’s all about the phases you go in and out of with love. The first stage, is experimenting, making rash decisions, and trying new things. Later, you just grow up a bit. You have to worry about co-workers and future spouses. Do they happen later on in life, yeah, for sure. But you don’t want to be that girl.


That was really insightful. Maybe, you should be my love guru.


There you have it guys. DFM’s can be fun, crazy, gross, life-changing (for both the good and bad), and entertaining. Tweet those pics out to Tufts Makeouts if you’re “lucky” enough to witness them.



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Courtney is a junior at Tufts University where she is majoring in International Relations with a double minor in Communications & Media studies and Economics. She has previously worked for Santander Bank US as a Digital Marketing Analytics Intern as well as Jumpstart Knowledge Adventure where she focused on Social Media Content Creation.