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Love Guru on Date Night Deal Breakers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Hey Collegiettes, Love Guru here, and I’ve got date night deal breakers on my mind. What is a date night deal breaker? It’s actually a pretty simple concept. A date night deal breaker is something that occurs on a date that automatically turns you off and makes you never want to date that person again. It can be physical, it can be a personality trait, or it can be something the person said. No matter what type of deal breaker it is, once it comes to light, chances are high that you’ll run away. Far away. This past week, I went around asking your fellow Jumbos about their date night deal breakers. Here’s what they had to say:

Let’s start with the freshmen…


Freshman Guy: Honestly, I hate when a girl is so into herself that it’s all she talks about when I take her to dinner.


Ugh, I completely agree. Let’s be honest, it can be really hard (or just impossible) to date someone who is practically involved with him or herself. 


Freshman Girl: I can’t handle man buns. Some guys can pull off the long hair, but those Avatar-like buns are just such a turn off.


I completely agree, sweetie. Man buns might be a fashion statement for some men, but I would never take a man with a man bun to meet my parents.


And the sophomores…


Sophomore guy: I feel like a person’s smell can make a huge difference. Perfume can enhance a girl’s presence, but it can also ruin a date if it doesn’t smell too great.


I know exactly what you mean. A great perfume can be sexy and alluring, but too much of a bad smell can make a person nauseous.


Sophomore girl: I hate guys that order food for me at restaurants without asking what I want to eat.


If a guy ever tried to do that to me, I would probably never speak to him again. As a modern day woman, I love my independence, and while I will accept suggestions on what to eat, I certainly won’t let a man make the decision for me.


What about the juniors?


Junior Guy: I hate when a girl just expects me to pay the bill at the end of dinner. Although I don’t mind to be chivalrous at times, it should be my decision to do something nice for her.


Honestly, I don’t disagree with you. No one should expect someone else to pay for a meal. It’s supposed to be a nice, genuine gesture that the other person chooses to make.


Junior Girl:  I hate when a man expects me to pay him back in sexual favors because he paid for my meal.


Ugh, I feel you girl. Most guys that I know are not like that, but occasionally a bad seed does seep through. Just stand your ground, and don’t go out with a man like that ever again.


Finally the seniors…


Senior Guy: I hate when a person I am on a date with talks about his or her exes. It’s annoying and makes me think that things aren’t quite over between them.


I totally get what you mean. A date can be nerve racking on its own, so feeling insecure about the other person’s ex can make the situation even more uncomfortable.

Senior Girl: I hate when a guy looks shabby on a date. If I put in the effort to look nice for him, he should do the same for me.


We’re on the same page. If I spend time and money to look nice for someone, I can only expect the same. Also, if that person doesn’t try to look nice on a date, you can almost be sure that he or she won’t try hard to look good throughout the course of your relationship.


There you have it, Jumbos. Date night deal breakers can really make a difference for people, so it’s important to try and keep them in mind when going on a date. My biggest date night deal breaker is when the person I am on a date with rambles on about other hot girls. When I’m on a date, I want to feel special, and hearing about hot girls from California just doesn’t do it for me. Deal breakers can be discouraging and disappointing all in one, but we should keep in mind that at the end of this crazy dating rollercoaster stands the person we will call “the one.”



Your Tufts Love Guru



photo sources: heartfeltconfessions.com and omtimes.com



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