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Love Guru on The Best Rom-Com Movie Breakups

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Hey Jumbos, Love Guru here, and I’m back just in time for the annual Turkey Dump! The Turkey Dump wreaks havoc upon freshmen relationships nationwide every Thanksgiving break; so I decided to focus on the stories of the broken-hearted. This week I put a twist of my own into my question and asked your fellow peers about their favorite rom-com movie breakups. Let’s face it, Collegiettes. If Elle Woods and Warner had never broken up, she would have never gone to Harvard Law and met Emmett, her future husband. Everything happens for a reason! Some breakups are clean, some are messy, and some are just downright entertaining. Here’s what your fellow Jumbos had to say when I asked them about their favorite rom-com movie breakups.


Let’s begin with the freshmen…


Freshman guy: The break-up scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall is highly entertaining.  I would have to say that’s one of the best if you want a good laugh.


I have to agree! The random nudity of the scene makes it hilarious, and it creates a great story. Although Sarah Marshall is famous and beautiful, Peter, Jason Segel’s character, definitely deserves a better girl.


Freshman girl: My favorite breakpp scenes are the ones from John Tucker Must Die. His character is so terrible to girls, that it was nice to see some of them put him in his place.

I know exactly what you mean, girl. John Tucker is quite the character, and it’s nice to see him get a little taste of his own medicine.


And the sophomores…


Sophomore guy: Romantic comedies are not exactly my favorite, but I like the breakup scene from The Proposal. Sandra Bullock is just so hot.


Although I love that scene too, it’s probably not for the same reasons. The emotion that Ryan Reynolds shows in that scene is purely enchanting. Blake Lively, you are a lucky girl!


Sophomore girl: My favorite breakup scene is the one from Maid of Honor. All throughout the movie, everyone is rooting for Patrick Dempsey’s character, and it takes a messy breakup in the middle of her wedding to make all of our dreams come true.


Ugh, I love that scene. I could watch McDreamy on screen all day, and everything ends well when he gets to be with the girl of his dreams. Sorry, but I’m not sorry, Colin.


As for the juniors…


Junior guy: My girlfriend forced me to watch How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and I liked that breakup. I felt like I could relate to the guy because the girl was acting like such a psychopath.


All is fair in love and war…


Junior girl: I like the fighting scene between Kat and Patrick in The Ten Things I Hate About You. The scene is sweet because it makes both characters notice how in love they are with each other.


Can we really call that a breakup though? Honey, you’re just a romantic!


And finally, the seniors…


Senior guy: I’m going to have to go with 50 Shades of Grey. Although it’s not out yet, all of these girls keep sharing the trailer on Facebook, and it looks to me like the sexy girl will end things with the guy because the sex just gets too hardcore. I just want to see the sexy girl.


Oh boy! First, like you mentioned, that movie isn’t even out yet. Second of all, don’t pretend you haven’t read the book. It seems to me like you have and shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Finally, that’s definitely not a rom-com!


Senior girl: I really like the breakup in Pretty Woman because Julia Roberts’ character truly stands up for herself and demands respect from her man.


Watching a scene like that can be really empowering.  I totally agree!


There you have it, Collegiettes. As your fellow Jumbos said, onscreen breakups can be awkward, harsh, and at times, hilarious. My favorite rom-com breakup is definitely the one from Legally Blonde because Elle Woods embarrasses Warner in a restaurant full of people and later proves that she’s better than him, even in the field of law. It’s something that all girls can relate to and shows that breakups are not the end of the world, something that all Collegiettes should keep in mind when facing the Turkey Dump. Whether you are the one who does the breaking up or the one who is broken up with, the breakup will be hard at first. Just keep an open mind because your next chance at love may be right around the corner.


Your Tufts Love Guru



photos courtesy of: teen.com and film.com

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