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So by now I assume that most people have heard about Fergie’s national anthem at the NBA All Star game. It was extra to say the least. The woman used her vocal prowess to turn America’s anthem into a sultry ballad, and the people at the game may have been slightly uncomfortable. All I know is that I am living for the reactions to her performance.


Here is Draymond Green, who has become a national meme about laugh suppression:

Here is Klay Thompson, who thinks he smells something funky:


Here is the wonderful Chef Curry, who adorably feels bad about laughing at first #aw:



Here is Chance the Rapper, who clearly feels second hand embarrassment for his fellow artistic risk-taker:


Here is the GOAT, who DGAF:


And of course, Jimmy Kimmel:


Regardless of how great the reactions are, there’s no denying how talented Fergie is. This performance doesn’t by any means take away from Fergie’s icon status, she has declared herself “a risk taker artistically,” and in nine cases out of ten, we appreciate your risk-taking (see, FERGALICIOUS). But maybe a sexualized performance of our country’s national anthem isn’t the smartest risk? Or maybe it is…who am I to say? Girl, let your freak ba-A-A-a-n-e-r-E-r y-Y-y-yeT w-a-A-a-A-ave!


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