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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Year: 2019

Major: English

Minor: Economics

Nickname: Lodro

Where are you from? Boxford, MA

What do you do on campus? I’m in Chi Omega. I take pictures for Tufts Athletics, and I am on the track and crew teams.

Favorite pre-race snack? Cinnamon raisin bagel with plain cream cheese.

What’s something that not everyone knows about you? I have two tattoos. That usually shocks people.

What 3 words describe you? Let’s send it.

You recently celebrated your 21st birthday. What was your favorite part of the day? Probably when my friends kidnaped me from Dewick and took me to Sound Bites. I was happy to spend the day with friends. My friends made it so fun; they were the best part. Also, it helped not having to spend the whole day in Tisch.

Favorite band/artist? It changes very frequently, but I’m obsessed with The Wknd’s new album.

Favorite movie? Oh my god, this is the most stressful question you’ve asked me. I’m going to say Finding Dory or Frozen. Both great films.

Biggest pet peeve? When people are mean or rude. I don’t like that. Just be nice to people.

Favorite study spot on campus? Ginn reading room. Hundred percent.

Celebrity crush? Chris Hemsworth

Guilty pleasure? Potato triangles.

What’s the best class you’ve taken at Tufts? I love photography and computer. It’s a really chill class. I would recommend it to everyone.

Junior at Tufts University