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Kesha Style Guide for Spring Fling

Spring Fling is just around the corner, and students all over campus are getting excited for this year’s performances. Of course, the most anticipated performance is pop-princess Kesha! Here are 4 ways to incorporate Kesha’s rocker style into your own Spring Fling outfit. 

1. Glitter

The first thing most people think of when they hear Kesha’s name is vast amounts of glitter. Glitter is definitely a must-have in any Kesha inspired outfit. Grab some glitter face paint and go wild with different designs!

2. Ripped Clothing

Kesha’s style over the years has been anything from punk to bad-girl. To recreate her look, throw on a pair of ripped or distressed jeans paired with a cutout graphic tee. Add combat or cowboy boots to complete the look.

3. Bold Lipstick

Kesha has been known to sport bright, bold colored lips in several of her music videos and red carpet debuts. Don’t be afraid to have some fun recreating her crazy colors on your own lips!

4. Messy Hair or Pastel Options

How does Kesha pull off the bedhead look so perfectly? To recreate her crazy ‘do, tease your hair and add some tiny braids throughout. Another hairstyle option is to rock some pastels streaks! This past year Kesha was seen with various colored streaks in her hair. Hair chalk is a great, temporary way to experiment with colors without the commitment of dye!

Note: Kesha has officially dropped the dollar sign from her name, as it is a part of her past that she no longer wishes to associate with. While recreating Kesha’s look, it’s important to be conscious of Kesha’s wishes and to respect her by avoiding the use of the dollar sign.

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