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If I Had One Wish… Accessories

Imagine you’re on vacation and you lost your luggage, or you’re stranded on an island without anything but the clothes on your back. What if a genie came to you with only one wish instead of the standard three?  What would you wish for? What would you absolutely need to have? This feature answers just that! Every week, there will be a new category that can be fashion-related, food-related, or anything at all!  Some of the Her Campus Tufts staff will complete the statement “If I had to wish for only one thing….”
Justin: “My go to accessories are pins. I love to include them on my jacket, a hat, a bag. It’s a good way to spruce up anything and really express yourself with a political, fashionable, or funny message. Although I don't like to have too many because then I feel like I'm in Office Space with 'pieces of flair'.”

Alexandria: “I'd probably pick this new feather hair clip I bought recently. Never being one of those girls who could do anything to her hair, it makes me feel more put together.  And, it's easy!”

Audrey: “EARRINGS. I didn't get my ears pierced until this summer (I know, it's unfortunate) and now I'm going through the obligatory phase of earring obsession. I love finding cheap pairs, because my ears apparently don't mind weird metals, so I have several big/shiny/feathery pairs that I got for $2-$3 apiece. Also, I love how earrings frame your face and can elevate an ordinary outfit to something more interesting.”

Rebecca: “A definite accessory “must-have” for me is statement/pendant necklaces. Sure, simple necklaces or chains are great, but I don’t feel that they can put in the impact that a bolder necklace can. An edgy, chunky necklace can make a simple outfit a little more rocker-chic, whereas a cute pendant can make an outfit feel a bit more elegant or glamorous. Plus, they’re always a great conversation starter!"                              

Simmone: “A thick-knit circle scarf in BLACK. It looks good with everything, it matches everything, and it makes leggings and a t-shirt an actual outfit. Voila!”
Nadia: “I was never a fan of golden jewelry until last summer, when I discovered the golden necklace that my grandparents bought for me when I was still a baby. Now I wear it almost everyday to remind myself of my family's unconditional love and support. Most of my other favorite accessories also have a personal story or are associated with a specific mood or period of my life. If you're wondering why the pendant says "H" - that's the Bulgarian letter for "N," which stands for my name.” 


Shriya:“I can't live without this necklace from Anthropologie. Any time I wear it I get at least 5 compliments and I can't find anything like it anywhere else! The colors are gorgeous together: leaf green, lavender, and cream. It's my go-to statement piece!” 


Danielle: “A necklace I got on clearance at American Eagle.  I've become inexplicably obsessed with the combination of gold and (fake) diamonds recently, so this necklace has become a staple of my wardrobe.” 


Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?  Of course you do! Share it with us and we'll put it into the next installment of If I Had One Wish!  Just email a picture and a blurb on why you love it so much to tuftshercampus@gmail.com!

Christie is a rising sophomore at Tufts. She absolutely adores coffee in any form,  believes that any dessert can be made better with nutella and any meal better with hot sauce.  In her spare time, she dabbles in graphic design, playing guitar, and photography. She also adores makeup and beauty and believes it's more of an art form than people give it credit for. Music is definitely a huge part of her life: she always has her iPod on and frequently goes to concerts.
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