How to Survive O-Week!

1. Read your orientation booklet

It’s impossible to keep track of everything going on in your head, but the O-Week booklet given to you has it all - make sure you know what programming is mandatory, and go to any events you could see yourself pursuing once school starts!


2. Introduce yourself to everyone

You never know who you might become good friends with, but even if the person you introduce yourself to doesn’t become your next best friend, it’s always good to know a wide range of people and have familiar faces all across campus.


3. Keep your campus map at all times

A new place is just asking for the directionally-challenged of us to constantly get lost. Having a screenshot of the map on your phone can save you from a lot of helpless wandering.


4. Don’t be afraid to give yourself some “me-time”

Meeting all these new people is exhausting. Don’t feel bad about picking netflix and a nap in your dorm over some o-week event. Self care is key especially in such a busy time of transition.


5. Call your parents

For your sake and for theirs! College isn’t the time to neglect the ones who have helped raise you for the past 18+ years.


6. It’s okay to feel homesick

For some people freshmen year is your first time away from home for an extended period of time. It’s totally normal to feel homesick and you absolutely aren’t the only one.


7. Leave your door open

Leaving your door open allows for people to drop by and introduce themselves! Getting to know the people you live close to is super important because you’ll be seeing them all the time.


8. Get people’s phone numbers and follow up with them

Turn the faces you see into actual relationships - grab a meal, go to Davis, or just hang out at some point to maintain quick connections you make at various activities!



9. Go to the mandatory meetings

A lot of the programming sounds less than thrilling, but at some meetings, you’re required to swipe your ID to get credit for attending - go when you’re supposed to, so you don’t have to make anything up at a less convenient time!



10. Text your old friends

Everyone wants to seem like they’re having the time of their life as soon as they get to college, but it’s important to stay connected to the people who formed your high school career. Staying in touch is so easy and will give you support no matter what you’re going through.



11. Party responsibly

College is often the first time that you’ve been away from those “where are you” parental texts or 20 missed calls from mom when it’s only 11pm. That being said, your first week here isn’t the time to test your limits and blackout every night. It’s alright to party, just stay safe.



12. Find where your classes are before you have them

This will help you to avoid awkwardly walking in 10 minutes late, panting, to your first class - and the more you walk around, the more at home you’ll feel!


13. Be yourself!!

As cliché as it sounds, if you don’t stay true to who you are, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your college experience. If you stay calm, cool, and confident you’ll feel at home at Tufts before you know it. Go ’bos!