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How the New Editor-In-Chief of Lucky Will Inspire Us All

Thirty-three-year-old Eva Chen has been known to manage her Twitter , Instagram  and Tumblr accounts nimbly from her iPhone, reaching over 1.6 million people! As one of the few editor-in-chiefs under 50 years old, she is deeply connected to social media. She shares her “extreme obsession with shopping” throughout all platforms and consistently gushes about her love for social media. Her emphasis on sharing the micro events of her day, like her “accessories of the day”, gives us all little glimpses into the fascinating world of fashion journalism. Her youthful ambition and tech savvy attitude will certainly help turn Lucky magazine around as she continues with her new position as editor-in-chief.

Eva never expected fashion or journalism, to play any part in her career. After attending a high school in the Upper East Side, in 1997, she attended Johns Hopkins University, studying as a pre-med student. As she was searching for summer internships while studying for her MCATS, she happened upon (and scored!) a paid position as an intern working in the features and beauty department of Harper’s Bazaar. After graduating in 2001, Eva decided to pursue a career in fashion journalism, spending time at Elle and Teen Vogue where her career skyrocketed. She became the beauty and health director, (which is only 5 names from the top on the Teen Vogue masthead) as well as the special projects director. Soon, Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of Vogue, and artistic director of Condé Nast) noticed Eva, taking her under her wing. 

Anna Wintour helped remake Lucky after its recent financial downfalls.  After making tons of changes, such as cutting its 12 issues a year to 10, Eva Chen was hired as editor-in-chief of this 13 year old publication, replacing Brandon Holley, who was serving as editor-in-chief for 2 ½ years. On Eva’s new vision for Lucky, it is

 “for that girl who loves to shop, but also likes to shop smartly — she’s not just going to Bergdorfs or Barneys, as amazing as those stores are, and buying the latest thing just to have it. I think people these days are inspired by so many different things in so many different channels, from magazines to friends, in-store, advertisements, Instagram. Lucky is the magazine that’s going to pull it all together. That’s what I’m working on — making it a resource for people who shop in every which way, and putting it all together in one place,” (businessoffashion.com).

Eva Chen is an extraordinary young editor-in-chief.  As a first generation Asian American who’s found success in fashion journalism, she can serve as an inspiration to all of us. “Making it to the top” doesn’t happen for all of us. As a college student, Eva’s open mind led her towards a field that she felt truly passionate about. We don’t all have the luxury to pursue what we truly love. But, if we have the opportunity, we should pursue our dreams and love every minute of the way. Let her example speak to us and inspire others.


Edited by: Danyelle McInnis

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Christie Wang is a 19 year old sophomore at Tufts University double majoring in Child Development and Sociology. She is a team member of Her Campus Tufts. Connect with her via email ([email protected]) or on her YouTube or Linkedin.
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