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How to Cope with Your Friends Studying Abroad

After joining a sorority this fall, I was lucky enough to make lasting friendships with a number of upperclassmen. Whether it be in class, at lunch, or at bonding events, I became close with many juniors and seniors who I can now say are some of my closest friends. Now, as finals approach and the fall semester comes to a close, I am forced to say goodbye to many of my friends who are going abroad in the spring.  

Will I be sad to see my friends leave me for bigger and better things? Absolutely. Will I be jealous when they travel the world and taking amazing photos? Yes, I am experiencing some serious FOMO. I am sure many people are experiencing similar emotions, so I thought of three pieces of advice to get us all through this trying time.

1. Talk often!

Who says you can’t keep in touch 4,000 miles apart? Take advantage of FaceTime or text, and make sure to get photos from them of their adventures. Set a time in your schedule every week to talk, and try and keep them updated on your life!

2. Visit them!

If you have the funds, try to visit your friend or even meet them halfway over your spring break! Your abroad friend will be an expert on their own city, so you can get the best experiences out of study abroad in less than a week.

3. Stay busy!

Just because your friends are the ones abroad, doesn’t mean you can’t find your own Paolo right here on campus. Get involved in a new club or make new friends to fill the times when you’re feeling FOMO of everyone’s trips abroad.

Saying goodbye to friends can be difficult, but the months apart can fly by if you stay in contact and keep up your own social life on campus. Before you know it, you’ll be back with your BFFs and fed up with their constant stories of abroad.

I am a second year majoring in International Relations and Spanish from Washington DC. As a Campus Correspondent, I cannot wait to lead Tufts Her Campus!
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