How to Ace Your Finals and Have a Good Time

  1. Plan it out in advance Nothing makes life easier than planning. If you make yourself a clear schedule, you’ll never feel lost or forget what you need to do for your various exams!

  2. Go to your review sessions Don’t blow off what will help you most – even if you don’t have any specific questions, hearing your professors one last time for the exam will be helpful!

  3. Get outside! This finals week is going to be a beautiful one in terms of weather! Alternate studying inside and out, or even just take the long way to your destination and enjoy the sun!

  4. Give yourself breaks It’s so important to give your brain a rest while you study. Go to the gym, talk to friends, go online shopping, eat – whatever it takes to fuel your next study sesh!

  5. Coffee… I must admit, there are very few days I ever take off from my iced latte. Whatever your signature drink is, treat yourself to it so you feel energized and ready to go every day!

  6. Switch up the study spot Tired of Tisch? Campus Center feeling cramped? Be sure to switch between locations so you keep things interesting and don’t get weary of the study routine!

  7. Spend time with friends You’re about to go home, abroad, or maybe even stay on campus for the summer – but no matter where your next destination is, it won’t be the same Tufts lifestyle you know right now! Take advantage of the time you have before the next few months off!

  8. Make a motivational playlist Spring Fling jams stuck in your head? Keep them playing! Make yourself a solid playlist of songs that keep you motivated to study and have a good time for the next week!

    9. Think positive!         You’re almost there, and you can totally do it! Remember what’s up next and don’t get bogged down in the usual finals stress – end the year on a high note!