Fraternity Cutie: Carson Mutch '16


Name: John Carson Mutch IV

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Class Year: Sophomore 2016

Major: Political Science

Relationship Status: Single


Tufts’ Affiliations: I’m on the Waterpolo team and a brother at Zeta Psi fraternity.

Nicknames: Too Mitch Mutch

What are 3 words that describe you? Versace, versace, versace

Spirit Animal: Golden Retriever, because I’m playful and fun, nice and most of all loyal.

Hidden Talent: I play and build guitars. I also sing.

Celebrity Crush: Mila Kunis

Dream Job: Rockstar or a stand-up comedian.

Ideal Date: Five star catered dinner in Zeta Psi’s basement

Guilty Pleasure: Wearing a bathrobe

Pet Peeve: Definitely BO. I can’t stand it.

Where can you be found: The Jungle (i.e my room in Zeta)

What song best describes your life motto? Good Vibrations – Beach Boys

Describe your perfect girl: A perfect girl to me is someone who is hilarious and doesn't take themselves too seriously but can also be romantic. If a girl can make me laugh, it's game over.

What drink would you be and why: Mango rubinoff because I’m a lot of fun, but surprisingly sweet and smooth.

Why did you decide to pledge Zeta? I pledged Zeta because I really love the brotherhood. They seemed like guys I’d want to be friends with for life. They’re my people!