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The Five Best DIY Halloween Videos


Halloween, which is the best part of October, is so close! What are you wearing?  Find inspiration from these 5 videos created by famous YouTube makeup gurus.


1.     Princess Jasmine

Dressing up as a Disney princess is a classic. You can never go wrong with Princess Jasmine. Who doesn’t love Aladdin and “A Whole New World?”

2.     Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

If you can pull this off, it’d just epic. Seriously.



3.     The Mad Hatter

Go all out with some flirty Alice and Wonderland fun!


4.     Mutated Zombie

If you love gory Halloween costumes, this is perfect for you.


5.     Loofah

Be a loofah! It’s so incredibly clever. What other occasion can you look absolutely ridiculous for?


Christie Wang is a 19 year old sophomore at Tufts University double majoring in Child Development and Sociology. She is a team member of Her Campus Tufts. Connect with her via email ([email protected]) or on her YouTube or Linkedin.
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