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Dining Options in Davis Square

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

As college students, we often find ourselves wanting to take a little break from campus life. Although we are lucky enough to have some pretty amazing on-campus eating options, sometimes this just isn’t not enough. Everyone gets a little tired of Dewick and Carmichael and crave an adventure off campus to get something a little different (and less gross…). Some people are afraid that trekking off campus means breaking their budget. Don’t worry, collegiettes, we are here to give you some suggestions!  

Boston Burger Company: 

On a day where you are craving a burger and the flat patties in the dining halls are not cutting it, head down to Boston Burger Company. This restaurant features Burgers that almost impossible to imagine. Take The King, for example. Who would ever think that peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas should ever be on a burger? No matter how crazy the creations are, they are delicious and a great break from dining hall food. The fries are also unreal and are in the wedge style, which is great to share with a group of friends. You can even get pizza fries, which have sauce and cheese melted on to them. Not everything at this place is unhealthy! They have many chicken options, salads, soups, and more. The typical meal ranges from $12 to $20 before tip, depending on what you order, and how much


Snappy Ramen: 

Snappy Ramen is owned by the same people who own Snappy Sushi on Newbury Street and has recently become the center of many conversations on campus. The portions are enormous and the prices are low. During this extremely cold Winter, you can find collegiettes enjoying what is essentially a fancy Cup of Noodles. Since the portions are huge this is the perfect place to go to friends and order a bunch of things to share. Make sure to get an order of pork buns for the table, and you will soon be making Snappy Ramen a staple of your eating out experience at Tufts. The typical meal ranges from $9- $18 before tip, obviously depending on what you order and how much.


Daves Fresh Pasta:

First semester of Freshman year I heard people on my floor talking about Daves Fresh Pasta and how good it was. I assumed it was going to be a pasta place where I picked my own pasta and got to add toppings. I was wrong. Daves is a hidden Davis Square gem where you can get pastas, but the sandwhiches are what reign supreme. There are endless options, and if you can’t find something from their suggested list you can make your own combination from scratch. The products are extremely fresh, and you can taste it in the food. My favorite part of this restaurant is that you order at the counter which means no tip is needed keeping the cost down. The typical meal ranges from $7- $15, depending on what you order and if you get sides.


Mikes Food and Spirits:

Every college student loves pizza, so nothing beats a pizza place in Davis that also has pretty good Italian food. Mike’s is a pretty big restaurant for Davis standards and is a very central location from the Joey stop. The choices in Mike’s are endless. One can order anything from a quick slice of pizza to a three-course dinner, all reasonably priced. Mike’s has soups, salads, calzones, pastas, chicken, and so much more. Main courses at Mike’s come with garlic bread and a side of pasta or salad, which is remarkable considering most of the main courses are under $15! Mike’s is another place where you order at the counter, which once again keeps costs down. The typical meal at Mike’s really depends on what you order, but can range from $2.50 to $18.


Amsterdam Falafelshop: 

Amsterdam Falafelshop is a real hidden gem in Davis. It follows the Chipotle ordering system, where you get to see the food and then get to pick it as it moves down an assembly line. Even if you have never had falafel or don’t even know what it is I highly recommend a stop here. Falafel is basically fried chickpeas and can be dressed in endless sauce combinations. What makes Amsterdam so good is the fact they freshly fry each person’s order. This makes sure each little ball is extremely crunchy and warm. Talk about yum. The toppings are also delicious as they are constantly being restocked. My personal favorite is the hummus. The best part of Amsterdam are the prices. You can get a full meal for as low as $7 here! Once again you order at the counter so that helps keeps costs down. A typical dinner here is around $7 to $15 depending on what you order and how much.

Now you know a few places where you can go that won’t break your budget. Next time you need a break from school grab some friends and head into Davis for a great inexpensive meal!

Photos courtesy: Online restuarant sites