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Dining Hall Alternatives: Tufts Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

As a freshman on the unlimited meal plan, I try to eat in the dining halls as much as possible. Even though the food is good, it is easy to get tired of Dewick and Carm when you eat every meal there. Lucky for us Jumbos, our meal swipes work at other places. Here are some options around campus where you can use a meal swipe to escape from the dining halls.


Pax et Lox Glatt Kosher Deli


Pax et Lox is open Monday through Thursday for lunch and dinner. For lunch, a meal swipe will get you a cold sandwich with a side and a pickle. Or you can get a soup, half a sandwich, a side, and a pickle. For dinner, a meal swipe gets you a hot or cold sandwich, a hot or cold side, and a pickle. The best part about the Deli is that you can bring your food into any of the dining halls after you get it, so you can eat with your friends, but not have to eat the dining hall food (or get a sandwich plus the dining hall food)! Basically, you get two meals for one when you use your meal swipe at the Kosher Deli for lunch or dinner!



Hodgdon is a favorite at Tufts, and is often referred to as “Hodg.” Many students love that there are many options including wraps, burritos, Chinese food, and sushi. There are also groceries, beverages, toilet paper, and more household goods. This is perfect if you want to stock up for your room. The only issue with Hodgdon is that you can’t go there and go to a dining hall in one mealtime (unfortunately Tufts figured out our ingenious trick-turning last year). So it’s perfect if you know you won’t be using a meal swipe during that mealtime–like if you go to Davis for lunch on a Friday. You can grab snacks you’ll be wanting late at night!


The Commons Marketplace Late Night

Every Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 1am, students can use a meal swipe at the Commons for late-night snacks. This has become a huge hit, especially among partygoers. How could you not want late-night burgers, fries, and chicken tenders that are also on your meal plan? You get a certain amount of money to spend for one meal swipe, so you can get multiple items (and it’s nighttime, so it obviously doesn’t count towards your diet)! During the day, the Commons is not on the meal plan, but it has more options, accepts Jumbocash, and is constantly filled with students enjoying an escape from the dining halls.


Overall, students at Tufts are very lucky when it comes to the food available on campus. Besides having really great food in the dining halls, there are numerous other options where we can use our meal swipes. Next time you need a break from the dining halls, try a meal at one of these places—you won’t regret it!

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