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Dear Snow, You are the Enemy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.


The first time it snowed on campus, I smiled. I ran out into the lawn with unadulterated excitement and enjoyed the delight of living in my own personalized snow globe. The snowflakes daintily fell from the sky and tickled my eyelashes before swiftly dissolving and Tufts became the scene of a picturesque fairy-tale, an adoptive home for my beloved Frozen characters. 


The next grand-style snowstorm was a rush of excitement. On our glorious snow-day I built a snowman (Olaf-style), grabbed a sled, and slid happily down the slope.  The next morning on my way to class I reveled in the massive forts built and appreciated the architectural genius of the igloo on Packard Avenue. Despite the unappealing cold, snow was a joy, something natural of the season, at times difficult to deal with but acceptable in the context of the chilly-christmassy-hot-chocolatey winter months.


The winter wonderland is over, and I, like, many of you, am craving the warmth of sunshine, the color of flowers, the smell of spring and the ability to dress in something other than puffy jackets and clunky snow boots. I’m done with having to wrap myself in layers to face the icy wind. My eyes can’t take the blinding white anymore. My emotional psyche is about to break and every time I see the little snowflake icon on my iPhone weather app I get an urge to cry.  


Dear snow… you have now become enemy.


Winter has come…. yet it has not gone. But I refuse to sink back in to the unbearable winter blues. Spring break was a nice relief from this miserable weather, but let’s get serious now– Nature, could you please cooperate and make it nice outside again? I will clasp my translucently pale palms with no shame and beg if be needed.


Daylights savings happened a couple weeks ago and now it’s getting lighter outside. Technically, spring is almost here. I demand a 180 shift in weather!  I demand an infusion of warmth and light! At this point we deserve to bask in the rays of sun and shed our pasty appearance. We deserve to run around outside without fearing hypothermia. As we reach the last trek of second semester I, like many of you, would like to pack away my winter clothing and to say hello to a warm temperature more appropriate to Spring.


With that, my rant is done. But beware, whoever dares greet the snow, or the cold for that matter, with anything but a frown or tear of despair can walk away this second. Oh pease, let the winter blues be over. 


Edited by Danyelle McInnis

Danyelle McInnis is a graduating senior at Tufts University, majoring in English.  She's interested in short story-writing, journalism, marketing, photography, creating websites, baking, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  She's left-handed and always has a secret stash of candy on hand in case the world suddenly runs out of sugar.  In her spare time, she writes about her ongoing transformation from pack rat to minimalist on her blog, Greyer Than Gray.