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Closet Staples for Virtual Classes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

It is so incredibly tempting to just roll out of bed, turn on your laptop, and log into Zoom with your camera off, staring groggily at the screen all while staying in your pajamas. And quite frankly, we’ve all had those days. But incorporating some form of a morning or pre-virtual-class routine can help boost attentiveness and mood by quite a bit. Oftentimes, laying out an outfit the night before helps motivate me to get dressed for the day, even if a majority of it will be online. And I don’t mean just changing from the sweatshirt you slept into a quarter zip. But sometimes, you just need a quick go-to outfit for that one 8:30am class you have to wake up for.


Although this still leaves the question: what on earth to wear for virtual classes?


Here are my personal closet staples that I swear by:


  1. Cardigans Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a sucker for cardigans. They’re so versatile, comfortable, and just all around amazing. While they offer a variety of uses when you’re venturing out, my favorite thing about them is that you can easily throw one on over the tank top you slept in last night and bam, you look put together in less than a minute.


  1. Oversized (Turtleneck) sweaters I have an oversized blue turtleneck sweater from Aerie that I throw on anytime I want a low effort, put-together look. But honestly, oversized sweaters in general are the key to mastering the lazy but cute look. They’re perfect. Throw on some earrings and it looks like you took the time to get ready when in reality, it takes maybe two minutes.


  1. Non-Skinny Jeans  Okay okay, I know that shimmying into jeans first thing in the morning isn’t remotely favorable but sometimes wearing a pair of jeans that fit well (and aren’t skinny jeans or jeggings) like mom jeans or flare jeans can help you feel like you’re the most productive person ever. And I know that no one is going to see your jeans on Zoom, but you’ll know you’re wearing a cute pair of jeans and that’s all that matters.


  1. Oversized (Graphic) Tees These are actually such a great addition to any closet and let me show you why. Did you wake up late and suddenly class starts in two minutes and you’re still in bed? Throw on an oversized graphic tee. Or any other graphic tee. It’s clear that you didn’t sleep in it but it’s not like you needed to construct an entire outfit, either. Bonus points if you have a graphic tee that represents something that you’re into or passionate about – these are a great way to get to know other people in your class when you can’t lean across the aisle and talk to them! It could even lead to a private message on Zoom that says “Hey! I love your shirt!” or “Hey! I love that band/artist/creator, too!” Bam. New friendship possibilities! 
Roshni is a second-year student at Tufts planning to major in biopsychology. When she isn't doing homework, she's either reading, watching Netflix, spending time with friends, or scrolling mindlessly through different clothing stores.
Kaitlyn Meslin (Tufts University) is a senior majoring in International Relations with minors in Finance and Entrepreneurship. She is from Boston, MA.