Campus Cuties: Cousins Riley & Emily


Riley: Junior

Emily: Sophomore


Riley: Fort Worth, TX

Emily: Santa Rosa, CA


Riley: Biopsych & Spanish / Pre-Vet

Emily: Physics & Math; Comp Sci Minor

Single? Taken?

Riley: Single and ready for a pringle. Just kidding. I can’t eat that. So I’d take a gluten-free cracker.

Emily: Taken and ready for some bacon. (lol, I wanted to rhyme too)

What are you involved with on campus?

Riley: Tufts Equestrian, Prevet Society, Chi Omega, Psi Chi, & Psych/Neuro Research

Emily: Physics 13 TA, Polymer Physics Research, TWO Support Staff, & Chi Omega

What’s it like going to Tufts with your cousin?

Riley: It makes me smile. I don’t have siblings, so if I had a sister it would be Emily. She’s got my back.

Emily: It’s amazing! We’re like best friends. And sometimes people think we’re twins, it’s hilarious.

Most awkward moment at Tufts together?

Riley: When I had a fake cousin…

Emily: ...and I started seeing him.

Riley: So people thought my cousins were dating.

Favorite study spots?

Emily: A secret nook in Ginn.

Riley: I have dibs on the corner cushion in that secret nook. Ginning is winning, except during finals, then it’s Ginnferno.

Biggest phobia?

Riley: Grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches, and gluten.

Emily: Anchors (when they’re in the water). Also, getting crushed by a human pyramid.

Weirdest Tufts experience together?

Riley: One time, we almost got kidnapped together by “CJ and Jerry” (that’s what they called themselves). They even showed us the trunk of their car.  

Emily: It was so sketchy.

If you guys were emojis, what emojis would you be?


Pregame ritual?

Riley: Dance party to Hannah Montana.

Emily: Usually we also have to give each other pep talks because we are too lazy to actually do things.

Who sends the best snap chats?

Riley: Emily. I’m more of a screenshotter.

Emily: Me… but Riley’s are more frequent.

Advice to anyone trying to ~woo~ you guys?

Riley: Nerdy jokes.

Emily: Science pickup lines.

Riley: Have a dog or cat. Or be a dog or cat.

Guilty pleasure?

Riley: Old spice deodorant for men. I wear Swagger or Bear Glove. Also, lawn-mowing, horror movies, & rollerblading.

Emily: Vampire Diaries. No shave november. Ponzu sauce, but don’t ask why. Also, I like to peel the plastic covers off new phone screens.

Riley: Oh same to that one. What a rush!

What should people know about you guys?

Emily: We both have massive sock collections.

Riley: And head lamps.

Favorite socks?

Riley: I just got vet socks. They have dogs wearing the “cone of shame.”

Emily: I have this pair of socks that have poppy flowers and quails on them. Gotta rep California.