Campus Cutie: Ava Soltani



Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biomedical Engineering

What are some things you do on campus? I’m the curator and head of speaker coaching at TEDxTufts. We put on an independently organized Ted event every year. We have a diverse range of speakers affiliated to Tufts including students, teachers, alumni. I also do research in the Kaplan Lab working with neural 3D tissue systems. It’s really fun! We just finished our first round of silk processing.

Are you involved in Greek Life? I just joined the Alpha Phi sorority and I can’t wait to bond with such a strong group of women!

Favorite spot on campus? She’s big sunset junkie… just check out her features on @tufts_sunsets. Although she doesn't live uphill anymore, she still thinks the sunsets from Carm are pretty nice.

Spirit dorm? Hodgdon… food

What’s one thing you’re excited for this year? As curator of TEDxTufts, I have to attend a national TED event. I will most likely be going to TEDWomen in California this year, which is both close to home and will be such a great opportunity.