Campus Cutie: Alexandra Benbadis

Name: Alexandra Benbadis

Year: Junior

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major: Engineering Psychology 

Single? Taken? Jk, this was a dumb question. We know you’re taken by Oscar Kutch.

I have a boyfriend? Who knew!

What are you involved with on campus?

Chi Omega, Her Campus, and the engineering tour guide program

Most embarrassing moment at Tufts so far?

Last spring, I was running back to Chi O during our break from initiating the new pledge class, and I tripped in front of SigEp, slid a few feet, and cut up my hands and knees

Favorite place on campus?

Hotung because of the oatmeal, or 574 Boston Ave because it’s gorgeous

Scariest place on campus?

The wind tunnel between Olin and Houston (or Olin and Miller)

Favorite thing to do/place in Boston?

I love going to concerts at the House of Blues. I’m also a huge fan of Boston Public Garden and Newbury Street!

Favorite childhood memory?

I was walking around a hotel I was staying at in Miami, and Tom Felton was walking behind my grandma and me. I asked him for a picture, and he was SO nice.

If you had to live off one food, what would it be?

Sushi, of course

Dream job?

Working as a UX/UI designer at Apple or Google

Biggest phobia?

Those stupid YouTube videos where things pop up and scare you

Biggest pet-peeve?

When people use apostrophes to indicate plurals

Spirit celeb?

Probably a mix between Michael Cera and Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec

Fun fact?

My great-great uncle was a famous Muslim religious leader in Algeria. He even has his own Wikipedia page!