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The Best of Tufts Confessions


On February 15th, sophomore Nikki Dahan launched Tufts students’ newest guilty pleasure: Tufts Confessions. The Facebook-hosted Website has been live for less than two weeks, and yet already 1,257 (and counting) of Tufts 5,194 students have “Liked” the page. A completely anonymous platform on which Tufts students can post their deepest, darkest, cutest, kinkiest, weirdest, funniest, grossest, and craziest confessions, Tufts Confessions has become a magnet for both students who are searching for an outlet, and those who are just looking for a laugh. So, what exactly have our fellow Jumbos been hiding? Let’s have a look …


Don’t pretend that you didn’t read this and immediately get the urge to scroll through all the photos on your roommates’ phones!

Gross, dude … Watch out – it’s only a matter of time before Winnie catches you!


Whelp, I guess they don’t call it Club Tisch for nothin’…

Being sexually frustrated sucks, but breaking someone else’s heart will make you feel way worse. Be more vocal and demonstrative with your girlfriend and ask a more experienced girl-loving girl for some tips. Communication and experimentation will get you there – NOT cheating!

As a former Carm resident, I would like to issue a hearty “F*ck you!” to whoever you are. That being said, I’m still really curious about whether you were peeing in waterbottles and then throwing them away, or just going for it out in the hallways… 

Three word analysis: das fugged up. Four word solution: go watch porn, sicko.

I’m neither terribly surprised nor terribly grossed out by this #fratlife

Adorable. Please find each other and date.


It figures that the one Tufts Confession that has to do with drinking is about something that took place at another school …

So must respect. Use this act as inspiration to be more assertive with guys, Collegiettes!

Best-case scenario: you start talking dirty and find out that he’s down. Worst-case scenario: you start talking dirty, realize that it’s not his thing, and stop. I’m sure he’ll be so into whatever you two are doing that he’ll forget about that flash of an awkward moment in no time.

Nothing keeps a relationship fresh like taking risks together!

See you there on March 27th! You’ll be the one sneaking around like a creep, and I’ll be the one videotaping it (which actually sounds a lot creepier. Oops).



If you want to learn more about the Tufts Confession and its creator, Nikki Dahan (T’15), you’re in luck! Check out Her Campus Tufts’ interview with Nikki to be realeased this month!


Image courtesy of: dailyperk.perkstreet.com.

 Jessica Lee is a senior at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Before transferring to Tufts in the fall of 2011, she spent a semester abroad in Paris, and studied at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA, for two years. Jessica is majoring in English and minoring in Communications & Media Studies, with an eye towards working in PR or Marketing. Never one to shy away from taboo topics or keep her opinion to herself, Jessica enjoys coming up with topics for her weekly “He Said vs. She Said” column.
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