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Best Coffee Spots at Tufts

As much as we all want to deny it, midterm season is here. With the crazy snowstorms and recent heat flashes, everyone on campus is looking for a cozy (or air-conditioned) spot to get their caffeine fix on and settle in for a study sesh. Here’s a ranking of the best (and worst) spots on campus.

1. Brown and Brew

Favorite Drink: Road-Runner (Black coffee with an extra shot of espresso) with soy milk.

Nothing beats Brown and Brew if you’re looking for a typical coffee shop feel. From the relaxing playlist to the abundance of seats, it’s the perfect place to get some work done or grab coffee with a friend. There are a ton of different drinks to choose from including lattes, mochas, and teas. The road runner is the perfect drink to keep you fueled before pulling a brutal all-nighter in Tisch.


2. The Rez

Favorite Drink: Lucy in the Chai (Chai tea latte with 2 shots of espresso).

The Rez is a classic. With its huge variety of tasty drinks with hilarious names, you can’t really go wrong ordering from here (unless the Fridge is broken). I went with the Lucy in the Chai, and it was delicious. Nothing beats the Rez’s vibes, from the throwback music to the hipster baristas it’s the perfect place to get your caffeine on. Bonus points for its super convenient location in the campus center!


3. Davis Square Starbucks

Favorite Drink: Café Miel (Latte with honey and cinnamon)

Okay, so this one isn’t really on campus, but it’s still one of the best places to get coffee as a Tufts student! Nothing tastes better than coffee from Starbucks and that’s just a fact. Plus, the variety of drinks is unbeatable. There’s nothing better than a peppermint mocha during the worst days of winter or an iced coffee during the summer (or a Frappuccino if you’re like me and never really outgrew the 13-year-old girl inside of you). Downsides include the trek into Davis Square and the high prices, but sometimes it’s worth it to escape the stressful exam craze at Tufts.


4. The Tower

Favorite Drink: Iced coffee with a splash of soy milk

Seriously, what would we do without the Tower? I live for their iced coffee and tempting snacks. It’s everyone go-to for a social study break and a useful wake-up. The workers are always friendly and make the coffee quickly! But let’s face it… while the location is super convenient, it’s hard to enjoy a nice coffee while you’re trapped inside of Tisch.


5. Hotung Café

Favorite Drink: Large hot latte

Hotung is a quicker alternative to the Rez if you’re looking for a basic coffee drink. The convenient location and super friendly workers make Hotung a good spot, but it’s definitely more of a social space than a place to get work done.


6. Dewick/Carm:

Favorite Drink: Lukewarm “Iced Coffee”

Okay, I promise I didn’t write this note but it basically sums it up. Dining hall coffee is not great. My parents had some when they dropped me off and brought a Keurig with them when they came back for Parent’s Weekend. But we’re all college students and sometimes you have to suck it up and drink sh***y coffee when it’s free and unlimited.


Junior at Tufts University 
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