Bathroom Stall Life Advice

Belive it or not, the stalls of our campus' bathrooms have some pretty valuble life lessons written all over them. Check out someo of our favorite quotes below!

1.     Don’t be tamed! Run wild!

2.     I don’t know if Voldemort should be your greatest source of advice, but cheers!

3.     Tufts bathroom wisdom right there – the words will come back

4.     … makes you stronger!

5.     I wouldn’t say everything but…

6.     Maybe you should try some more Febreeze

7.     Your guy should not make you feel uncomfortable with your body. If he thinks you’re hairy, then it’s his problem.

8.     And the list keeps growing

9.     Pure poetry

10. Uh-oh… someone didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed today!

11. Preach

12. Wise words

13. Exactly

14. Ouch!