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Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

School is back in full swing and we’re already struggling in five classes even though we’re only taking four.  Here are some essentials to help you get by and give you so much needed pick me ups!


Spindrift Sparkling Water

After a late night in Tisch, or before a fun night out, you’ll need a refreshing drink.  These sparkling waters not only taste great but are made with real fruit!


Dorm bathrooms are notoriously disgusting, keep your toothbrush clean with one of these and prevent yourself from getting sick! They’re also great for covering your toothbrush from all the other junk you have in your toiletrie bag.

Aeropostale Accessories

Some fun accessories are sure to brighten up any dull day, we love their ring collection!

L’Oreal Self Tanning

Winter is upon us and so is pasty skin, brighten up with these tanning towels! They’re super easy to use, just wipe on and toss it after using!

Bed Head Hair Products

These are the best no matter your hair type.  We’re huge fans of the Dirty Secret dry shampoo for the lazy days in between hair washes.

Hi-Chew Candies

Study snacks are a must! These chewy candies are the perfect sugary pick me up.

Erin Condren Planner

It’s much easier to stay organized when your planner looks this cute.

Freeman Skin Masks

These masks are super fun to use and do wonders for your skin, you’ll see results right after washing them off.

Her Campus Pins

We can’t get over how cute these pins are, will definitely be using them to dress up our backpacks and denim jackets.


Stay tuned for how to win some of these awesome items!

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