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7 Ways to be a Successful Transfer Student

7 Ways to be a Successful Transfer Student

1.  Don’t be too hard on yourself

Everyone in your grade has a year or two under their belts—they have friends, routines, and they know their way around. Don’t feel embarrassed about being alone in the dining hall or on your way to class. It takes time to make connections.

2.  Have an open mind and say yes to opportunities

Don’t limit yourself to certain people, classes, or groups. Take advantage of being a new student. Remember the girl you met in class? Ask her to grab dinner! And those guys that live down the hall? Ask them to hang out later. Go to Davis Square with new friends. Go to the activities fair and sign up for clubs you would’ve never thought to join. Maybe even try out for a sports team.

3.  Network yourself

If you know anyone who goes here from your high school, reach out to them. You may just be able to hang out with their friends and maybe their friends’ friends. Socialize with one person, and chances are you will make connections with plenty of people they know.

4.  Do a pre-orientation

The best decision I’ve made so far was to do a pre-orientation. I made some of my closest friends through it. It doesn’t matter if everybody else are freshmen—one or two grades won’t make a difference if you find someone you really get along with.

5.  Balance your work and social life

If you got into Tufts, you likely worked incredibly hard at your last college. Don’t make the library your home here—or not yet at least. It’s easier to get an A in a class from hours of studying than it is to meet people and make lasting relationships. Work hard in school, but make sure that your social life is a priority.

6.  Meet other transfer students

Talk to older transfers, because they know exactly what you’re going through. Use them as a resource, and talk to other new transfers. It’s reassuring having others to openly talk to about your transfer experience: what went wrong at the last place, and how to make sure things go right here.

7.  Don’t let your past college experience define you

Transferring is normal! Nothing is ever perfect (or even close to that) the first time around. Tufts is and will be different than your other school—and believe it. Don’t carry the struggles or worries you used to have. Things happen for a reason and use everything you’ve gone through as motivation to make Tufts the right place for you.


Hi guys! I'm Lily, a current sophomore at Tufts majoring in Economics and minoring in Studio Art. My obsessions include: my dog, playing bananagrams, online shopping, and weight lifting. I am a transfer, so you will most likely hear about the transfer experience here at Tufts. I am also on the Track and Field team, and I can't wait to share my exercise tips with you guys! 
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