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5 Tips for Surviving the Winter for People Who Hate the Cold

There’s no question that four months of below freezing weather can be a serious mood killer. Trekking to class becomes twice the burden and having any feeling in your hands during that trek is almost unheard of. It’s often tempting to escape, but when there’s absolutely no way you can take the next flight to the Caribbean for the rest of the winter, here are some tips you can follow to survive winter in Boston.

1. Always carry a steamy beverage with you.

If you have to venture into the cold, make sure to have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in hand. You can wrap your hands around it or take the top off and give yourself a mini steam facial to keep yourself warm!

2. Invest in a really warm coat.

A winter jacket is a necessity in New England. The longer the jacket, the warmer you will be. Check out Fjällräven for some great ones.

3. Have a solid stock of hand and foot warmers.

Keep a small basket by your door and fill it with hand and foot warmers. Then you can easily snag some whenever you have a cold classroom or a long walk ahead of you.

4. Treat yourself to a cute pair of mittens.

Look for a cute pair at the campus store or the nearest Urban Outfitters. Even if your favorite pair isn’t the warmest, don’t worry, just grab some of those hand warmers by your door!

5. Bring a blanket everywhere.

Wherever you bring your backpack, bring your blanket. Don’t hesitate to bring it to the library, a long lecture or your friends dorm!

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