5 Tips For People Who Are Always Cold

Alert: we are approaching another New England winter. When the temperature starts to drop, many people feel like they can’t ever get warm. There is no avoiding the cold (yes, you are going to have to leave your warm bed at some point), so you might as well prepare for it.


1. Dress in layers. It might be freezing outside, but Tisch will probably still be a sauna. Make sure you can add or remove some articles of clothing from your winter outfits, so you can go comfortably between buildings that are different temperatures.

2. Be prepared with extra gloves. For people with bad circulation, it is easy to get cold or numb fingers and then not be able to warm up for a long time. To avoid explaining why your finger has turned white to everyone you run into, carry multiple pairs of backup gloves in your bag.

3. Carry around a hot drink.  A few sips of a hot drink can warm your entire body. Try holding a travel mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to keep your hands toasty as you walk to class.

4. Invest in a heated blanket. Having a heated blanket was a lifesaver in my dorm room sophomore year when I couldn’t control the room temperature. You can even control the setting on most heated blankets, but it does make getting out of your cozy bed in the morning quite difficult.

5. Get some pocket hand and foot warmers. Pocket warmers are not just for skiing. It is acceptable to use them any time you are outside when it is cold out. Throw a pair in your boots before you trek to Davis Square. You can find pocket warmers in bulk at a wholesale store like Costco or on Amazon.com.

Alternative to these tips: find someone to cuddle with. Stay warm, collegiettes!