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5 Things People with Resting B*tch Face Encounter

The term Resting B*tch Face, aka RBF, is incredibly prevalent in conversation and on social media. If you deal with any of the following on a daily basis, you may have RBF.

1.)  “Are you OK????? You look so upset/tired/angry!”

2.)  “Why are you so angry right now?”

3.)  “Before I got to know you, I thought you looked really mean.”

4.)  Trying to flirt with a boy using your resting face…

5.)  “Don’t worry. She’s actually really nice. That’s just her face.” – Friend of someone with RBF

Having a chronic RBF isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it has its upsides! You’ll have fewer wrinkles from smiling less and you won’t be that weird chick who smiles all the time! 

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