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18 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Going Out in the Cold

1. I’m not going to let this weather stop me from looking hot and wearing this dress!

2. Wait – let’s check how cold it actually is outside…

3. Okay, ugh, I have nothing to wear in this weather. I guess I’ll just wear tights.

4. These tights are so uncomfortable and they’re not even warm.

5. Maybe I’ll just put sweatpants on over my clothes.

6. But how awkward am I going to look undressing once I get there?

7. I want to be warm on the way there but I can’t lose my North Face at some frat house…

8. They should really have a coat check.

9. I mean the walk won’t be that long, maybe I can just tough it out.

10. No, its freaking FREEZING.

11. I guess I’ll just wear three sweatshirts.

12. How am I supposed to walk all the way there in these shoes when there’s so much ice?

13. I can’t wipe out before I even get to the party!

14. I guess I’ll wear Uggs for the walk and then change.

15. Where am I going to hide all these layers when I get there?

16. Why can’t there ever be a winter themed party so I can just wear my boots and North Face?

17. Is it really worth going out in this cold?

18. Forget it, I’m taking an Uber.


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Courtney is a junior at Tufts University where she is majoring in International Relations with a double minor in Communications & Media studies and Economics. She has previously worked for Santander Bank US as a Digital Marketing Analytics Intern as well as Jumpstart Knowledge Adventure where she focused on Social Media Content Creation.
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