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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Let’s talk about the Bachelor.

We start this week right back in the drama we left off with last week. Onyeka and Nicole are going at it, each telling Colton the other is evil. The golden rule of The Bachelor is to NEVER trash talk another girl in the house. Because, like Onyeka and Nicole, you’ll both go home. So now that you know the premise of this episode, here are the 10 takeaways of week 6:

  1. Hannah G got her long-awaited one-on-one date. Hannah G got the first impression rose and has always had a lot of chemistry with Colton, but she’s just now getting the one-on-one attention.
  2. The girls on the group date learned Vovinam, a Vietnamese martial art, and got a little too into it. Colton cut the date short and moved it on the cocktail party.
  3. Sydney confronted Colton about him not giving her enough attention. She also called him out for taking the “easy way out” with his relationships (another rule of The Bachelor is to never criticize the bachelor). Sydney later self-eliminated herself but left Colton with a message that he can’t get distracted by the “shiny things” – referring to some of the girls – and that he needs to find the “great girls” in the group.
  4. Demi was in a very bad mood during the episode, especially the group date. One happy moment was when she called her mom, the mom who was in prison for tax evasion, with Colton.
  5. Tayshia ends up getting the group date rose.
  6. Kirpa’s one-on-one date goes very well. They have a good conversation about her past engagement and the possibility of getting engaged at the end of the season. Colton expresses his genuine excitement for their relationship during their dinner.
  7. Demi continues to prove she is the crazy as she’s perceived to be when she goes to Colton’s room later at night. She confesses she’s falling in love with him. But, Colton says he can’t reciprocate the feelings and sends her home. Bye Demi, see you in Paradise!
  8. The night of the rose ceremony, Colton cancels yet another cocktail party.
  9. Katie doesn’t get a rose, the only girl cut at the rose ceremony this week. She leaves Colton with advice like Sydney did. She says some are ready to be engaged and some are not. She tells Colton to be smart about his decisions.
  10. This week we are left with a snarky comment from Tayshia – in front of all the other girls – that she thinks it’s going to be her and Kirpa in the end. We’ll see how that drama unfolds next week.

Last but not least we are left with Chris Harrison’s blessing, and curse, the preview for next week. But this week it wasn’t just a preview of next week, but a preview of the rest of the season. No spoilers in this article, but watch with discretion. Until next week, Colton.

Freshman at Tufts from Evanston, IL