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10 Songs to Listen to Before Spring Fling

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

The Tufts school year nearly coming to a close can only mean one thing: Spring Fling 2018 is right around the corner. This year, the performers on the Saturday April 28th event will be Dutch Rebelle, Quinn XCII, Princess Nokia, and headliner Ty Dolla $ign. Here are 10 songs that every Tufts student should be sure to check out before they get to hear them live on prez lawn.


  1. Surrounded- Reks, Dutch Rebelle, Alias, EzDread




Best Dutch Rebelle Lyrics: “Not a pacifist, I’m a passionist/Going out for all of my beliefs while I’m rollin leaf”


  1. Straightjacket- Quinn XCII




Best Lyrics: “You won’t know me when the feeling’s all gone/And I tell everyone/And the look on your face will come undone/’Cause it was all a front”


  1. Another Day in Paradise- Quinn XCII




Best Lyrics: “All the good, comes in waves/I bide my time by the ocean/And at night, I’m awake/To feel the wake of your motion”


  1. Tomboy- Princess Nokia




By far her most popular song. Best lyrics: “With my little titties and my phat belly/ my little titties and my phat belly/my little titties and my phat belly/that girl is a tomboy”


  1. Brujas- Princess Nokia




Best lyrics: “We is them ghetto witches/Speaking in tongue b*****s/Fall on the floor/Got sage on the door”


  1. G.O.A.T- Princess Nokia




Best lyrics: “Hold up a minute/You know I ain’t did it/That is your man/And that ain’t my business”


  1. Love U Better- Ty Dolla $ign (feat. Lil Wayne & The-Dream)




Best lyrics: “Pull up on your girl with my roof gone/I’ma pull up on your girl with my jewels on/Pull up on your girl with that heat on/And she ain’t know if it’s a Dolla or a Dream song”


  1. Swalla- Jason Derulo (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)



Ty Dolla $ign’s most popular track that he is featured on. Many students will recognize these Dolla $ign lyrics: “Shimmy shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yah/Bad girls gon’ swalla-la-la”


  1. Droptop in the Rain- Ty Dolla $ign (feat. Tory Lanez)




Best lyrics: “I know you love it/That p***y feels like/Drop top in the rain,woah,woah”


  1. Wavy- Ty Dolla $ign (feat. Joe Moses)



Best lyrics: “When I wake up in the morning I roll up and count my money/I’m so wavy, I’m so wave, I’m so wave, I’m so wavy”


Listen up and get ready for a great Tufts Spring Fling!

Sonia Groeneveld is a first year at Tufts from Narberth, Pennsylvania studying Economics and Sociology.
Junior at Tufts University