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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Are Tisch’s main floor and reading room too crowded? Do you have no place to study and need to get things done? Here are the 10 best study spots that will help ease the stress during finals:

1. The Rez: Located in the Campus Center, the student-run coffee shop is great for those who like to study with people around them. Its modern design makes it a very upbeat and happy place, perfect for lightening the studying mood. Hint: Go at 8 AM because the line for coffee is very short and you will be able to find yourself a table before it gets super crowded, as it’s a very popular spot.

2. Carm: During finals, Carm extends its hours from 9 PM to 3 AM solely as a place for people to study. It’s the perfect place for late night studying because you don’t have to spend a chunk of your time looking for seating, like you would at Tisch. Also, the dining hall staff leaves out complimentary treats and coffee to give you a little boost of energy for that late night studying.

3. Classrooms in Fletcher: Need a group study place but Tisch study rooms are all booked? The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy has a number of classrooms for you and your friends to study in. When you walk into the main building, go straight past the flags, either to the left or right, and there will be lots of classrooms with whiteboards and plenty of seating. For smaller study rooms that also have whiteboards, you can go downstairs to the basement.

4. The 3rd Floor of Edward Ginn Library: Fletcher’s library, Ginn, is the perfect place to go study if you are looking for some quiet time with no distractions. When you walk in, go to the right, walk through the doors and up the stairs to the third floor for the best study spots. Here are tables for one or two people and plenty of large cubicles for you to study alone at. This is hands down my FAVORITE place to study on campus.  

5. Lilly Music Library: The music library is an underrated place to study. It is located in the lower level of the Granoff Music Center. It is a branch of Tisch and offers the same resources. What makes it so great is that not many people know about it so it does not get too crowded. It’s always good to switch things up!

6. Women’s Center: The women’s center is a great place to study. It’s located on Talbot Ave and not many people know about it. It has free printing AND has study nights and opportunities for student groups to meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 7-11 pm. Its regular hours are Mondays-Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM.

7. Eaton Classrooms: If you go into Eaton, walk straight ahead and go downstairs. It has so many classrooms that you and your friends can study in. They have whiteboards and are very quiet. You are guaranteed to find a place for you and your friends to study!

8. Tisch Study Rooms: Book one in advance!! These study rooms are a great place for you and your classmates to study in. However, they book up quickly so talk to your friends, find a good time for you all, and book one ahead of time!

9. Tisch Basement: If you go downstairs to the basement of Tisch, go all the way to the back towards the windows. It is called the “fishbowl” of Tisch. It is a great place to study because it is quiet but also has a lot of natural lighting. Studying can get very gloomy, but this window area is filled with warmth and sunshine during finals.

10. Ginn Reading Room: Another awesome studying place in Ginn is the reading room. If you get there early enough during the day, you can get a table, which is ideal. Studying in this room makes you feel like you go to Hogwarts. I always feel 10x smarter and more productive when I work in this room.

Good luck studying everyone! Remember to take some study breaks and relax. Winter break is just around the corner so stay positive!



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