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10 Beauty Things That Guys Don’t Get

Alright, let’s face it, guys will never understand the majority of our daily beauty routines. Here’s what he might really be thinking when you whip out your makeup bag and start pulling and plucking away:

Eyelash Curlers

What is that thing? Some sort of torture device?


     How you apply mascara and eyeliner


The fact that you’re putting so many sharp objects so close to your eyes makes me cringe.


         Multiple face creams and lotions

Do they all really do different things? Why so many?!


 Nail art

Who do you think you are, van Gogh? What happened to painting them just one color?


         Hair straighteners and curlers

Jeez, what are these hot things you plug into the wall? To me, it looks like another torture device.


   Tons of makeup brushes

Again, seriously, what the heck are you painting? I didn’t know you were so into art.


     Anything shimmery or glittery

Please, don’t come near me when you have that stuff on your eyes and lips. I look like a fairy every time I touch your face!


    EOS chapstick

This thing is so impractical! It doesn’t even fit in your pocket.


    Using specific types of shampoo and conditioner for different kinds of hair

Clarifying? Volumizing? Does this stuff really work? I recommend trying the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. It’ll really save you some time.


      Having thousands of beauty products that clutter your bathroom

Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Deodorant. Soap. What more do you really need?


Photos courtesy of instyle.com, tumblr.com, glamour.com, intothegloss.com, youtube.com

Edited by Danyelle McInnis

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