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Let’s all be real.

We have all sat down at our desks and gotten all our stuff out ready to start working. Then all of a sudden, BOOM. All our motivation disappears, especially when we are studying from home, the motivation to study is almost non-existent. Here are my top 5 tips to avoid procrastination and to get your work done.

Find a Study Space

Finding a dedicated study space is crucial. Find that one place in your home that is quiet and peaceful and where no one can disturb you. Always keep that place tidy because if it is cluttered and unorganized, our minds become consumed by the mess and no studying gets done.

Do Not Disturb

Tell your family and friends that you are going to be studying and not disturb you. This is very important and believe it or not, it has to be done. The elimination of distraction and interruption forces you to focus on your studies and will enable you to get your work done.

Turn Your Phone Off

I know, I know, you all need your phones to study and we can’t turn it off especially now that the studying is all online. I understand, but we can use different apps and techniques to help us with this. Use the app ‘Forest’, turn on the timer and start working. If you need to use your phone, put the apps you need to use on the whitelist before you start studying and block the apps you don’t need to eliminate any temptation. Or better yet, delete your social media apps until you have completed your tasks and then re-install them. This will help, I promise.

Pomodoro Technique

This is a very useful technique and can be utilized to avoid procrastination. For every 30 mins you study, you get a 5 mins break or for every 50 mins you study, you get a 10 min break. This will give you some motivation to keep studying and ensure you give yourself breaks in-between studying sessions to avoid burnout. Download the app and you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve.


Discipline Yourself

This may seem difficult but has to be done. You must discipline yourself to prioritize work and avoid procrastination and last-minute assignments. Sometimes the most difficult work takes the shortest time but you wouldn’t know that until you start. Make a small or a long-term goal and stick with it and make yourself work for that goal. Trust me when I say the happiness you feel after you have achieved your goal will compensate

These are just a few tips that worked for me and hopefully will help you as well. And most importantly do not take stress. You can do it! It just takes time and it will be worth it!

Monika Kumar

TU Dublin '24

Monika Kumar is attending Technological University Dublin. She is currently studying Business Computing. At TUD, Monika is learning how technology is used in the Business world. She uses her learning from business studies to write and lead for her Chapter in her school.
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